Sunshine Coast Minutes of meeting Sunday 4th July 2021

Minutes of meeting Sunday 4th July 2021, held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli

Meeting declared open at 2pm by Convener Krisstie Byrnne.

Sheriff Wayne advised the assembly of a proposed bus trip to several shopping centres where we will hand out information.  Exact numbers needed before confirming the bus and the day/time.

Treasurer’s Report from Vicki.

Discussion about Covid and all restrictions.  The Disability Discrimination Act 2015 and sections 6 and 24 of the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act 1902 are vital to understand and to know your rights under these Acts.

Mike spoke about the fake covid situation we face and the fact that a public place, open to the public, must provide service, mask or no mask, QR check-in or not.

He has collaborated with a colleague and they have made a fake QR check-in.

Put this address into your phone browser:

Take note of the name of the store from their own QR code poster.

Type in a name and the store name and you get the big tick that you can show to staff.

Serena Teffaha was mentioned again.  The majority of members are following her case.

Convener Krisstie (helped by Kym) spoke.

If you are held up by someone claiming to be official, in a discussion regarding a mask, say “are you an authorised officer from the Biosecurity department?”  Any complaint against you MUST be in writing and the person MUST show evidence that they ARE an authorised officer. Also to be noted is that the Biosecurity Act most definitely overrides any Emergency Act.

The ‘officials’ are relying on information in Section 200 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008, whereas section 117 actually overrides that.  

Mike spoke:  If you know you are being harrassed on an incorrect basis, please go to your local Court House and say you have been discriminated against under the Privacy Act  1988 Sect 94H and that you wish the matter to be dealt with in court.  This is called passive resistance.

General discussion:  From 9th July there will be a mandatory Covid app sign-in.  They actually have no power to do this.  If you wish to avoid conflict, use Mike’s suggest phone app (see above).

Mike assured the members that the Public Health Minister cannot issue ‘blanket’ orders.  If they are trying to enforce any directive, it has to be done one-to-one.

Ross, who has been studying Common Law for some years, addressed the assembly

In Canada (and similar here) small business owners are scared of incurring a fine and this is why they meekly comply.   ‘Fight the Fines’ is a website that may help anyone.

Mike told the assembly that no State law can override the Federal law. Constitution Section 109.  The 1901 Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Section 51, ss23a states that no medical treatments can be forced.  That was voted in in the 1946 Referendum.

Darren spoke briefly about the Reversion and forming a trust.  If you are under Maritime Law and have not done the Reversion, you need to look into this.  The Reversion then places you under Common Law.

Ian told a story of someone who knew all his rights under Common Law and handled a police situation as we would, but the police ignored everything and broke in and ransacked his shop.  Under these, or any similar circumstances with police, do NOT stay silent (that is consenting) but state clearly that you DO NOT consent.

Brad the relayed another story where he had police come to visit and he can now see his mistakes.  Brad just kept asking questions and saying “I do not consent to contract with you today”.  In the end they just left.

A visiting lady told us how her local Library (Maroochydore) simply will not back down on insistence for mask.  She offered to show them the Acts and our backup information and she asked to speak to a supervisor but they just refused.  Mike suggested we gather members and all go back to the library with her and this was agreed upon.  Date and time to be set.

The floor was open for questions and short comments and several people told similar stories and gave valid comments that were all helpful.

Krisstie then read from a book called Democracy Defined, Part 2 regarding trial by jury in the judicial system.  Anyone can look that up online.

Mike spoe about how this assembly is taking action and setting up a court.  We are still in the studying and pre-preparation stage but are moving forward fast.  He mentioned that going into parliament and trying to arrest parliamentarians is not the right action.  The government would no doubt like to see us rebel but we can do it smarter.  Our assembly has over 340 members but last time we needed support we only got 20 responses.

Krisstie gave a talk on the value of the words “all rights reserved” and ‘signed under duress’ when dealing with, or fighting tax.   There is a website highly recommended:

Ian spoke again, this time about the PCR test.  On the Queensland Government site, page 3, it states that the PCR test (should you be forced somehow to have it), can be done with a saliva test, rather than the invasive nasal one.    Regarding this subject, Kym told us that, by dictionary definition, rape is actually the penetration of any body orifice, so using that as a definition, the PCR test is rape.

Kym suggested that for the next meeting on 18th July we all think about which business or government entity we would like to go to as a group, with a nominated head speaker.  The bus trip mentioned at the beginning of the meeting by Wayne, is the first step towards this.

Mike made mention of our trip to the council which can be seen on the Bloody Aussie Battler site.

The meeting closed at 4.05 pm.  Next meeting 18th July.

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