Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly Minutes of Meeting Sunday 16th January 2022

Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 16th January 2022

Held at Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Mike Holt, Convener

  • Meeting opened at 1.30 pm with Mike asking for a volunteer to take over the role of Secretary/Treasurer.  Currently in that position is Vicki Sutherland who has to retire due to family commitments.
  • We need to start forming teams to go to jab stations and shut them down.  The ideal situation would be to approach police at local stations first and deputise them.
  • The support given for the recent Toowoomba callout for supporters to attend at a business there was excellent and police had to back down because of numbers.  However, the police attended the home of the business owner in the early hours of the morning and made an arrest.
  • Sheriff training is provided every Tuesday evening at 6.30 pm via zoom.  The link can be found at the bottom of the main web page.  We have teamed up with Velvet Revolution and the training is vital for all.
  • Mike is removed from YouTube and is now on Bitchute with the Bloody Aussie Battler.
  • Australia Day :  we will hold a barbeque at Cotton Tree, near the war memorial.  Volunteers need to help set up.  We expect to start around 10 a.m. but volunteers please come at 9 am.  Bring your chairs, drinks etc.
  • Mike reported that the we3bsite CIR Now is getting 50-60,000 views per month.
  • Keven Annett in Canada start the Common Law Court of Justice.  We have the same!  This allows for deputations of people to go and seize equipment if a Cease and Desist letter does not work.
  • Michelle Newhouse gave some information about a new Community Hub. This is the kind of thing that will help us prepare for the changes to come and bring people with various skillsets together.
  • Mike reported on his trip to Ipswich.  There was around 150 people at the Casa Mia restaurant for the Powerpoint presentation.  This presentation is available for anyone to use and can be found on the website under Action.  As a result we now have an assembly at Ipswich.
  • Update on the setting up of a court.  We have an Adjudicator and a Registrar and now need Sheriffs and a court reporter/recorder.  When it is operational we will find 12 jurors – members of the general public who know nothing about the case, perhaps by doing letterbox drops to invite them.  Mike went through the court procedures for the meeting.  The jury is the only one to make a decision and issue a court order.  After this judgement, the bailiff and sheriffs enforce it.  In the future it may mean getting the military and police involved.
  • Scott Howe from Velvet Revolution addressed the assembly.  His passionate message was a call to action rather than attending rallies and meetings.  We need to consider the strategy now of getting police on our side.  We are at war.  There are tactics organised now that can be used to immobilise police actions but we need to empower the police and let them know they have our full support.
  • Mike called for volunteers for the role of Sheriff.  There were 3 volunteers who were sworn it., Scott Howe, Brian Williams and Christopher Watkins.
  • Mike is now setting up a private server so that all our information is totally inaccessible. 
  • Member reported on a Common Law workshop run by Dean Kesarlal.
  • Mike gave a report on his current court cases and how difficult it can be to actually get into court.  With regard to the current case accusing the state and federal Attorneys General of treason, they must now defend this.
  • Cures for Covid: member reported that Dr. Mercola has told his followers that a nebulized 3% hydrogen peroxide will work and Mike will also put up on the website details of where to obtain ivermectin..
  • Karen suggested that members who are not familiar with what a sheriff actually does, should go to the sheriff training zoom meetings.  Once they become more familiar with what it entails they may feel more comfortable in volunteering for the role.   However, all the information is currently on the website under Sheriffs.
  • A member suggested we set up a direct SMS system for situations require immediate attendance, rather than emails.  This will be investigated.
  • We need donations please and this can be done online, via PayPal.
  • Meeting concluded at 3.10 pm.


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