Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly Sunday 30th January 2022

Minutes of Meeting

Held at Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Mike Holt, Convener

Mike opened the meeting at 1:30pm.

  1. Introduced Karen Bailey as the new secretary as Vicki unfortunately had to resign for personal reasons.  Mike thanked Vicki for all her hard work over the last couple of years and that she has done a fantastic job.
  2. Mike summarised his tip down to the Gold Coast where he spoke at the rally of about 100 people. 
  • Mike explained that last year a lady down there stole their assembly.  She took the members and set up a new Common Law Assembly called Common Law Australia. Their logo is the rainbow flag on the map of Australia. However Mike is not worried as after his speech, the are now two more new assemblies down on the Gold Coast. 
  • Clint Brown spoke before Mike and didn’t really have much to say except to beg for money to make a movie. Clint did not have any solution.
  • The red marquee was up the back and right next to it was One Nation. In Mike’s speech he spoke about section 7 and 24 of the constitution and mentioned that political parties have no right to be in our parliament.
  1. Mike has a new form on the website.  Under records you will find the main menu under activate where the CLC J verdict is located. You can fill in the form and send a direct email to Scotty which basically tell him that he and all the parliamentary politicians, judges, judicial people, police and bureaucrats must stand down now and turn themselves into their police station.  They have been convicted of International Criminal Court of Justice, crimes against humanity and many other crimes. Now they are criminals on the run. This is a court verdict and orders which 1000’s of Australians are taking to the police stations.
  2. Mike told us the Lyn Bennett from the revolution has a deadline of the 31st Jan where she wants to go around arresting these politicians. Mike told her that we are not ready for that and we can not do that with out the support of the police.

Mike said that we need groups to keep going to the police stations and keep serving them. Eventually they will see a lot of people  out there that want this done. Mike reminded up that we are the ultimate power and to remember the constitution.  The first 3 words “Where we as the people” that gives us the authority.

  1. Mike spoke about Wayne Glew who put out a nasty video attacking people. Mike will do a video in response to explain that we have the authority to try and change the government under the Magna Carter.
  2. Mike said that we are still looking for volunteers to be sheriffs and a reminder that the sheriffs training is on Zoom on Tuesday nights. The training will be up on the Bitchute site. Youtube has a lot of video under the Bloody Aussie Battler.
  3. Mike picked up his new server while down on the Gold Coast where he will be able to put up the education platform. Some of it will be free and some  paid. The education website will have courses that you can do and receive a nice certificate one you pass with all questions answered correctly.
  4. Mike has invested in two new microphones for the assembly.
  5. Mike thinks he is still booked to speak up in Noosa tomorrow at the yacht club at midday.  
  6. Mike proceeded to start with an education session based on clause 1 to 8 on the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act and the 5 point plan to move forward as in the Citizen Initiated Referendum.

Mike then opened the forum up for Q&A.

Speaker 1. Q. Asked Mike about his background.

Speaker 2 Q. Asked about civil service. A. It will be all the civil services like we already have such as ambulance drivers, firefighters etc.

Speaker 3. Q. What sort of co-ordination is the between all the common law     groups? A. The common law assemblies are the bedrock to a new system of government and all other groups are welcome to unite with us.

Speaker 4. Q. Asked about the Noosa Riverside Monday meeting. GAP and Pauline Hansen will be there. A. Mike not sure if he will go as political parties do not exist in constitution.

Speaker 5. Q. Sandi asked about the time line following Velvet Revolution. Is anyone going to Parliament House on Monday. A. Mike answered that it is too dangerous without the support of the police.

Speaker 6. Q. Wanted to know if everyone was aware that the police were being served. A. Mike yes we need to keep the pressure on.

Speaker 7. Q.Michelle  mentioned the credit system card that will take away all our rights and we have to get rid of card.

Speaker 8. Q Elections  we need 40% of the population to make a vote in order for the election to be defended and every politician that stood will have to stand down. A. No it is not in the constitution.

Speaker 9. Q. Question about donkey vote.

Speaker 10 Q. We need a mind shift in the way we vote as no political party will do anything for us.

Speaker 11. Q. What will you see to know the police are on our side. A. When we see police action and supporting us.

Speaker 12. Q. How many police stations have been served. A. Many.

Speaker 13. Q. How papers gone around all the police stations?

Speaker 14. Q.  Parents need to be responsible for their children in regards to getting jabbed. Look up Great Reset Of the World.  Control of money.  Know your enemy.

Speakers 15. Q. Lets for the New Australia using the constitution.

Speaker 16.  Q. Mike read notice to Prime Minister which is on the website.

Speaker 17. Q. Roger suggested we concentrate on strategy. Get our best speakers to serve notices to police.  Mike and Roger to get together to form strategy. Script on website.

Speaker 18. Q. Where is the authority that gives the Common Law Assemble to serve these papers. A. Pope Benedict had to step down as he was convicted by the International Common Law Court of Justice. Whilst we may not be able to arrest these criminals, we can embarrass them so badly they will not want to show their faces in public.

Speaker 19. Q. How do we deal with kids getting jabbed at school. A. Mike said to take them out of school.

Speaker 20. Q. Teacher from Caboulture High School was contracted as a English teacher. He spoke to students about the wearing of masks.  School did not renew his contract and kids at the school where jabbed while attending school.

Speaker 21. Q. Karen spoke about various schools open as jab hub.  Suggested that groups go to these school with fliers and talk to the parents. Tell the parents to just wait.

Speaker 22. Q. Constitution is under God.  We must turn back to God.

  1. Charter to sign for members under facilitate on website.
  2. Mike has served 2 terms and needs to step down.  Needs someone to volunteer to take over.
  3. Wayne showed the assembly the Humanity magazine which is free of charge and is looking for businesses to advertise in the mag and leave mag at various locations.
  4. Mike thanked people for their donations and asked if you can do a monthly donation which will help to pay for costs including the personal assistant in the Philippines.
  5. Marcus Koolen was signed in as a sheriff. Charter members agreed and Marcus took the oath of office.  Congratulations Marcus.

Meeting adjourned 3:15pm.

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