Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 20th March 2022

Held at 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Mike Holt, Convener

Mike opened the meeting at 1:30pm.

The agenda for todays meeting is to introduce the proposal to reclaim and restore the Commonwealth of Australia to the people presented by Jeff Flood from the New South Assembly.

Jeff’s background is in strategic advisory and has worked all over the place for corporate government and many other things.

Jeff explained that Keith Charles Harffey went through a process which resulted in the court recognising him as a living man and that he was the executor of his estate and his children’s estate.  This meant that the federal court has zero jurisdiction.

Keith Charles Harffey realised that although the Commonwealth of Australia and all the different seats of power, both upper and lower had been completely mirrored, they abandoned the original seats and offices. They were not able to extinguish them, therefore all the seats of government have upper and lower house and all the offices are in the living.  De jure world still exists.

Keith’s duty under the constitution is to go and care take or look after the buildings, the seats and everything else and wait for the people to be return to run the country. Keith is the only living person defined as office of the executor of the non corporate Commonwealth entity. He has sent notification to every single office, federal and state, but has not had a response. He did this in 2014.

Keith is waiting for the people to have an election to elect representatives in each of their areas to come back into parliament. These representatives cannot be from a political party.

Jeff said that there are hundreds of different groups all trying to achieve their own agendas but this strategy can unite us all as we all agree that we want a parliament that truly represents us and our wishes.  A parliament for the people by the people for the people.

The Australian Electoral Commission has the authority to provide a ballot for both upper and lower house for us, the people to vote on in this coming election. So the strategy is this for every single lower house seat in this nation, under the electoral boundaries, and ever single upper house seat, we want 3 people to be the caretakers and wait for the people to decide who should represent us in these seats.

We will have to form groups in our commonlaw assemblies to ensure that every single voter at the polling booths get the ballots to vote on and ensure that these ballots do not leave the buildings. We will also count the ballots ourselves in front of their peers.

Mike will interview Jeff and put the interview on the website explaining this strategy.

Q1. Why can we not just go in and take over parliament?

  1. We can not without an election otherwise we can be viewed as terrorist.

Q2. People using all caps in elections will not own anything?

  1. They have already signed everything over.

Q3. We will need to educate people on this strategy?

  1. No need. People will be given 4 sets of voting cards. Mike will do video and fliers.

Q4. Why 3 caretakers?

  1. One could be corrupt. Two can collude. It is more difficult to convince all 3 to commit fraud.

Q5. What are the chances on getting a C to play ball here to get those ballots?

  1. Only two outcomes. One-they say “yes we will do it” and ballots will be provided as requested or “no we refuse”, which will end up in the high court with all past fraud being exposed.

Q6. Leah from Gympie.  We will need to educate people for scrutinizing the votes.

  1. Good point.

Q7. So we do vote then?

  1. Yes for our representatives according to the constitution section 24. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members, directly chosen by the people of the Commonwealth. 

Q8. Karen from Redland Bay Commonlaw Assembly.  How are we going to get the people we need to the voting boxes where they are gong to be counted in time?

  1. Our assemblies are growing. Hopefully by election time, we will have over 100.

Q9. What will happen when the Queen dies?

  1. The queen is irrelevant.  What is more important is the crown. The crown gives us spiritual authority.

Q10.  Who will fund the election?

  1. The AEC.  That is their job.

Q11. David announced that he is pursuing a common law case against Councill David Law, Rob Skelton and Ted O’Brian. Those who wish to follow David, they can email and be put on the mailing/newsletter.

Q12. Who establishes how much people are paid in these positions.

  1. We the people do.

We will be holding our regular fortnightly Commonlaw assembly meeting next Sunday the 27th here at Ballinger Rd.

Meeting ended at 3:12pm

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