We The People Castlemaine Assembly April 5, MINUTES of MEETING

Attendance: Brenda Addie, Suzie Burris, Sue Edmonds, Vicki Edwards, Amanda Pedder,Jacqui Turnbull, Sam Wittenberg.

Apologies: Beth Child, Dianne Shoobridge, Paul Pinch, Janine Wolfe, Cathy Mifsud, Michael Treloar.

Guest: Ben Mihail.  

Thank you Jacqui for hosting. 

Previous minutes referred to website.

Treasurers Report: 

Opening of a Bank Account disfavoured in the light of Common Law and Institution. Decision made to remain operating with cash and Treasurer to update the Spreadsheet after all transactions. 

Currently, $86.00 in the jam jar with some additional donations to be added.

Suggestion that we buy silver or gold when we accrue sufficiant funds. 

Sam suggested that we investigate The People’s Reserve Coin and Network Company.  https://thepeoplesreserve.com/   This appears to be a very interesting concept and it would be great if some money minded member of our assembly could examine this and report at our next meeting. (Please advise).

Sam also proffered the Banyule Municipal Action Programme re Mandates – https://www.facebook.com/municipalactionprogramme/ where there have been ongoing protests and invitations to joijn the next action on April, 11.

Sam drew our attention to the White Rose Stickers which can be displayed strategically around town, in businesses etc.  ( t.me/jointhewhiterose ) QR code also on the stickers.  

Discussion of Library CEO confirming the banning Cathy Mifsud as an unsafe person to attend the library. Vick Edwards also received a response from the CEO itierating the need to follow Health Department instructions.

Vicki to respond privately and Cathy seemingly wanting to pursue further Civil Disobediance. 

In Cathy’s absence, Ben suggested that no COVID related fines have been heard in Courts and that Supreme COurt Judges are receiving instruction in Common Law. 

Discussion of Parallel Election strategy was somewhat overshadowed by Ben’s adherence to a Party Representational Government. He suggested that at 6 eweeks out the Parallel option was unlikely to get off the ground and questioned how it could possibly form government? 

Brenda asked how he sees the question of a corporate government being handled?

A: By a Parliamentary Enquiry into the legality of the present constitution.  

He also validated private citizens further exploring Common and Statute Law. 

The notion of our group supporting the CommonLawEarth Parallel Election initiative was less than enthusiastic. However, with so few members in attendance, perhaps it is best to put the question in abeyance until other (more) members have been consulted. 

Discussion into the Preferential system of voting brought forward Topher Fields’ explanation of voting in the senate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuidCPGU4A0&list=WL&index=20 

Amanda proffered her Common Law studies with Dean Kesarlal who suggested that our Constitution is legal because of Kevin Rudd’s govt entering a United States SEC Form 18K in 2002 ‘representing the nation of Australia for the purpose of issuing securities in the US market. Form 18 K registrations are used only for foreign government registrations with the SEC and do not create a corporation.’ Wikipedia. 

Brenda to investigate this further and report back. 

Vicki also mentioned Kenneth Scott Common Law – an American with a 50 year exploration and criminal free common law approaches to moving from the public to the private sphere. 

Found Farewell to Amanda – we wish you the greatest of joy on your new adventure and thank you for your input and enthusiasm into Common Law. We hope we can stay in touch via Zoom. Be safe and be happy. 

Next Meeting 19 April, 6pm at 56 Bowden St Castlemaine. 

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