We the People Castlemaine Assembly MEETING MAY 3 MINUTES

Attendance: Brenda Addie, Suzie Burris, Beth Child, Sue Edmonds, Vicki Edwards,  Paul Pinch, Jacqui Turnbull, Samantha Wittenberg.

Visitors: Lee Sapo, Steve Parker, John. (Maryborough)

Welcome to our visitors.

Last minutes referred to website and agreed upon.

Treasury Report, jamjar collection and payment of printing receipt to Brenda, accepted. 

Samantha outlined the nature of The People’s Reserve – FOR THE PEOPLE ( TPR.com)  

Essentialy this is a Cryptocurrency investment that is backed by the last highest price of the gold PLUS  a list of merchants willing to accept TPR coin as exchange.

TPR Wallet Compounds at 12- 16% per annum calculated daily.

’A Complete Digital Currency Eco-System – Including..– Native Coin + Wallet + Exchange + Merchant Directory – Crypto Reporting Platform.’

While there is a $10,000 minimum to operate within the system, there is also a free merchandising exchange.

This looks to be a very useful tool for We the People members looking for an alternative to the conventional economy.

Samantha was invited to give a more detailed presentation at the next meeting.

Steve introduced John, who had received a $1650 fine for exceeding the 40 K limit down during lockdown. To date John has not attended his court hearings due to sickness incurred in Canberra from bio blasting and is due to attend court tomorrow (4 May). John came to our meeting to discover more about our main topic, Affadavits.

Steve mentioned his document Slaves Arising regarding arrests – (Forwarded via Google Docs)

Once more Lee provided a wealth of knoweldge pertaining to Affadavits and has uploaded templates and videos  to We the People Telegram platform. File: Affadavits

Lee recommends Unrebuttered Affadavits Stand as Truth by David Robinson  as a go to affadavit text book for all situations.

Jacqui enquired about the sucess of someone in court standing as a living man and Lee uploaded in the case of Ernie Wayne Three Forks Justice Court – see We the People on Telegram.

On discussing use of Affadavits and Trusts and other tools in the Common Law toolbag, Vicki mentioned Kenneth Scott’s notion of staying out of court and knowing how to use which tool to play at the right time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIMknuckvuw&t=3799s The Esoteric Approach to Exit the Matrix Kenneth Scott

BETH reported on the Parallel Election presentation at Red Pill. “and we got a candidate!”

Further discussion around voting and procedures for the upcoming election and how CC plays into that.

Beth also enquired about creating a CC flier to hand out …not fond of the generic one. (Brenda to investigate an alternative).

Steve put his hand up for Candidature for Mallee.

Next meeting 17 May. PAUL  to present more specific responses using Affadavits using a powerpoint presentation.

Special Thank you to Jacqui for offering her home for all meetings.

Meeting Closed.

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