We the People Castlemaine Assemby Minutes 8 February 2022

IN ATTENDANCE:  Brenda Addie, Suzie Burris, Sue Edmonds, Vicki Edwards, Amanda Pedder, Paul Pinch, Jacqui Turnbull, Stefania,  Michael Treloar, Janine Wolf.

APOLOGIES: Lyn Lyons, Cathy Mifsud, Dianne Shoobridge.

HOST: (with thanks) Janine Wolf. 

The Group introduced themselves and expressed their reasons for being part of the group and their desired outcome. Predominantly, it was to learn about Common Law and to get into some action. Ideas were put forward regarding further approaches to Police Stations to investigate crimes, to attend vaxxing hubs with cease and desist papers and to approach our local Council regarding Council Rates. Further attention to the 28 names Paedophile List was also on the Wish List. 

Jacqui Turnball expressed her desire to undertake Sheriff training. 

Janine Wolf reported an incident of the Police Station in Maryborough being served with papers and the Police Officer refusing to accept them. Anecdotally, a call to the Department of Justice resulted in the papers being accepted by the Police Station and the defaulting Police Officer being stood down. Janine has agreed to follow up the incident to ensure accuracy and to obtain relevant access to the Depatment of Justice for our use. 

Stef had mentioned previously that she had some good friends at Castlemaine Police Station and that we should re-serve the papers when they are on duty. Note for Stef: Please follow this up and advise when would be a suitable time to re-present ourselves at Castlemaine Police Station. 

Vicki Edwards has prepared a personal letter to send to the Castlemaine Police Station and requested access to the document Judith (Bendigo Sheriff) served them. Brenda to follow up and supply to Vicki. 

Sue Edmonds was congratulated on the publication of the Protestors at Police Station article in the Castlemaine Mail. Further research requested from Vicki and Brenda as to why it was published and what the Letters to the Editor have to say about it. Sue to follow up publication and Jacqui to follow up Letters to the Editor. (Idea!: perhaps WE should be writing to the Editor about it!)

Following some discussion around the formation of Common Law – Natural Law – Michael Treloar (helped by Paul) will prepare a small presentation to our group on the history and significance of The Magna Carta. 

Brenda explained the formation of an Assembly – with 12 members to create a Chartered Assembly and individuals fulfilling certain roles. [Altho not articulated on Tuesday here are the roles: Convenor, Secretary, Treasurer, Sheriff, Education Co-ordinator, Action Co-ordinator, Judical & Legal Co-ordinator and Assistants to the roles. This was not discussed in full because, as yet, we do not have enough numbers. Please be aware that many Assemblies across Australia and New Zealand have hundreds even thousands of members. This is a big organisation and Victoria is only just beginning to be involved.]

She also encouraged members to visit https://commonlaw.earth/ website and in particular https://commonlaw.earth/the-basis-of-common-law-natural-law/ 

Future Meetings: The Assembly agreed to three-weekly meetings and to alternate venues and times. 

Next Meeting will be hosted by Vicki Edwards on Tuesday 1 March at 6pm @ 4/43 William Street, Castlemaine. 

Thank you for your attendance, your ideas and your commitment to serving our community with love for all for the highest good. 


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