We the People Minutes 1 March 2022 Castlemaine Assembly Minutes

IN ATTENDANCE:  Brenda Addie, Suzie Burris, Sue Edmonds, Vicki Edwards, Amanda Pedder, Paul Pinch, Dianne Shoobridge,Jacqui Turnbull, Michael Treloar, Janine Wolfe, Solange Brave (Guest)

APOLOGIES: Lyn Lyons, Stefania, Nikki Roo, Beth Child, Andy Smith.

HOST:  Vicki Edwards (with thanks) 

The Group introduced themselves and expressed their desired,personal outcome for being a member of Our Common Law Assembly. Predominantly, it was to learn about Common Law and to get into some action. 

Brenda introduced the Common Law Eath Drive for New Members to be a Nation Wide Rally on March 13 from 10am – 12noon. The group was very enthusiastic about the prospect of talking to members of the public and telling them their personal story of becoming a member of the Assembly. Solange offered her membership expertise as to how people make decisions to join a group. 5 Touch Points, e.g. email, research paper, introduction/word of mouth, magazine, event. Paul offered his experience of groups and reminded us to ask the question, What is the Need of the Group? And Brenda added that we should be certain to utilise the diverse talents in the group. 

Janine offered her expertise on energy fields and volunteered to suss out the best place for our membership drive. 

Treasury was started with a marmalade jar on the table and members contributed to the cost of printing fliers etc. We have $90.00 in the kitty. Thank you everyone. 

The group requested that the Castlemaine drive be held on March 12 instead of March 13. Brenda to speak to CommonLaw Earth about it and advise group. 

Jacqui Turnball presented her investigations on the role of Sheriff and her signing of the Charter. This opened discussion on the makeup of an Assembly and the roles available. Brenda drew the group’s attention to the Common Law Earth website where each of the duties are articulated. From Jacqui’s examination of the role of Sheriff, and although she really wants to do arrests and present indictments, she felt that she would be better equipped to be a Deputy Sheriff to someone with indomitable physical prowess. She will discuss the role with Andy Smith. Jacqui also led a discussion around having a  Life Certificate, a private ID other than a Driving License and the notion of a Sheriff forming a militia as needed. With a connection to Maryborough Common Law Group Jacqui volunteered to make contact regarding the possibility of an Educational Talk from that group about their experience with the Maryborough Police. 

Paul Pinch also volunteered to make contact with the Lal Lal group in Ballarat regarding an Educational talk/excursion on choosing either the Public or Private System.

Mandi also volunteered to forward links to her Common Law mentor, Dean Kesarlal.

The highlight of the evening was Paul’s presentation on The Magna Carta from a historical perspective. Everyone was enthralled and looking forward to receiving the promised pdf’s of the ppt. Great work Paul and a hearty thank you. 

Susie Burris is saving her explanation on Mass Formation/Psychosis until our next meeting. 

Discussion on future meetings determined they will be at 6pm on the alternative Tuesday to Pascale’s meeting and we will make Zoom available for those who want to attend online. 

Finally, provisional Assembly tasks have been taken up by the following people:

Brenda: Convenor

Janine: Co-Convenor

Vicki: Research

Sue: Treasurer 

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday March 22 at 6pm at Jacqui Turnbull’s home, 56 Bowden St, Castlemaine. 

EDUCATION: Comparing the 1901 Australian Constitution with subsequent ‘incarnations’.

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