We the People Minutes 14 June 2022

We the People Minutes 14 June 2022


Jacqui T, Susie B, Vicki E, Janine W, Dianne S, Brenda A, Paul P, Karen (Visitor) Lee S (Visitor) Hayley (Visitor) Dennis H ( Visitor) 

Apologies: Sue E. 

Thank you Janine and Di for hosting.

Welcome members and Visitors. Greatest distance prize goes to Karen from Ballarat. 

Treasurer’s Report: Jam Jar contributions from last meeting $68.20 giving a balance of $152.10.

Jacqui T reported on the progress of Talbot County Project that was fuelled by the Council creating a new Basketball Stadium to be housed under DEET and the invitation to Lee S to create a Common Law group. J.T. also reported on the success of the Clay Coin trial in Castlemaine and the continuation of D. Andrews’ Secret Data System, hence her desire to operate under an alias. 

In relation to Community Gardening, J.T commented on the need for soil testing in goldfields areas. J.T to investigate the significance of the Bio-Security Amendment Bill now before the Victorian Parliament. 

Dennis H reported on ASX and the fall of Moderna shares and the disappearance of the SWIFT transfer mechanism. PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCE: He also alerted us to the formation of a new Banking Consortium with member nations including Denmark, Vietnam, N.Korea and Sth Africa that will trade  in Rubles and another currency. PLEASE PROVIDE REFERENCE: 

Janine offered to report on Council News every meeting using material from Know Your Castlemainia, Local Papers and Council meeting reports on their website. 

Janine also to contribute a fortnightly  summary of Social Media reports that are pertinent to Common Law.  J. also suggested we use some of our Jam Jar money to buy purple pens and volunteered to do so.  

Paul commented on the Artemis Accord: 

France is the most recent signatory to the Artemis Accords, NASA’s international agreement to establish best practices for ongoing cooperation on moon exploration. What does this really mean???

PRESENTATION BY VICKI EDWARDS successfully developed from her frustration in finding any Non-corporate usage of Equity Law into a very engaging and sound appreciation of Common Law. Please find presentation docs at: Vicki Edwards Docs 

Discussion about We the People group actions:

Social events – visits to other meetings

Fundraising/visibility drives – sausage sizzle

Study Group to examine The Constitution

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday 28 June @ 6pm at Janine and Di’s
Paul and Susie to present on Social Conditioning aka Brainwashing

Study of Commowealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp) – Please look at the first 10 pages. 

Please bring nibbles and your enduring curiosity. 

Stay warm. 


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