WtP Minutes 22 March,2022

22 March,2020

We the People, Castlemaine Assembly Minutes 

IN ATTENDANCE:  Brenda Addie, Beth Child, Vicki Edwards, Cathy Mifsud, Amanda Pedder, Paul Pinch, Dianne Shoobridge, Sam Wittenberg, Janine Wolf.

APOLOGIES: Lyn Lyons, Suzie Burris, Sue Edmonds, Nikki Roo, Andy Smith, Michael Treloar, Jacqui Turnbull, Stefania Netcu.

GUESTS: Lee Sapo, Dennis Horrigan, Steve Parker, Simon, Marvin King (Maryborough Common Law) Kerryn Sedgman (Wheatsheaf) Ben Mihail (Bendigo) 

HOST: (with thanks) Vicki Edwards. 

Brenda welcomed the members and visitors. 

Reading of previous minutes directed to the website.

As Treasurer was absent, Brenda presented the logistics of setting up the bank account and the need to establish ourselves as an Assembly in order to do so. Brenda also offered Sue Edmonds’ comments about keeping the meeting to 1-1.5hrs long and that people may come and go as they need. The group was very accepting of this and some people left earlier as needed. 

Sue also mooted the idea of a MSG/group chat  and that was agreed on. Brenda to establish. 

JAM JAR COLLECTION: $41.00.  Thank you everyone.

Debrief of Castlemaine Rally was that it was beneficial in establishing a group dynamic and that everyone felt they needed more knowledge. A commitment was made to education and to visiting and connecting with other Assemblies to get more information as to their activities. 

Vicki Edwards wrote and forwarded an article to The Castlemaine Mail about our street rally and it will be printed under the Opinion column. Brava Vicki!

Co convenor Janine Wolfe presented the costings for the proposed representation at the Castlemaine Show on 28 & 29 October, 2020. 

C.L Earth Marquee – $1600, T Shirts – $30; Tear Drop Banners, $95 – 130. 

Cost of stall at Show TBA. 

Janine suggested sharing a District Marquee and Dennis Horrigan offered his personal one for loan. 

Paul Pinch extended an invitation for our group to attend the Ballarat Common Law meeting on Sunday 27 March at Lal Lal. Several people indicated their willingness to attend. 

The discussion of the evening centered around two issues:

  1. Cathy and Sams experience/s at the Castlemaine Library where their admittance was  challenged for non compliance with Health Regulations. Justine the manager was hostile and challenged by the situation and on one occasion called a Policeman who it seems was ‘just doing his job’ and also asked them to leave. 
  2. Steve and the visitors from Maryborough and Ben from Bendigo presented information from the Australian Constitution and several strategies that members could employ in such situations.  

Discussion around: Commonwealth Privacy Relationship – Medical

Privacy Act 94 H

51/20 Discrimination Act

Council operating under an ABN comes under Federal Law. 

Also a challenge was issued to find out which Victorian libraries had abandoned Vaccine passes. Banyule? ( Morgan C Jonas had alerted to this) 

The issue of Affidavits was discussed under Statute Law which apparently requires 3 notices and if not taken up assumes liability. 

Amanda drew our attention to  Dean Kesarlal online workshops on Common Law 


Beth drew our attention to Melissa Murphy-Webster’s work with Councils and here are the links to her correspondence. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1I3lDpIdPR8AB0GXoe0ENtf9IJnkfRn8C?usp=sharing

Ben suggested that we persoanlose any templates as they tend to be immediately disregarded.

He also discussed approaches to employers regarding Mandated Vaccination Employment and here are the links to the documentation: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qr-Spk99SRB7oaG7mTC40KpO3hcG0lnu?usp=sharing

Steve (Maryborough) introduced the Constitution and the Annotated Constitution and emphased the need to understand this especially the Preamble. 

Steve also presented articles that he had written for newspapers, especially Slaves Arising

He also provided a Cease & Desist Notice, a QR True.Com printout, the Privaqcy Act and a DO YOU KNOW: (See link below)  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tC9XlBZVD5AL0zGp8FHixjUrd5nWiIBL/view?usp=sharing

Both Ben and Steve commented on the commonalitites of  ‘3’s’ in the Law! 

Lee introduced the Commonwealth ID’s and here is the link: https://clciaustralia.com/?page_id=41  and also the Clearfield Doctrine by Tim Dwyer: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3WuZmPB8GS7D/ 

Vicki spoke of Monica Smits’ Free Course, Making Political History – here’s the link https://makingpoliticalhistory.com/

Samantha has sent the link for the Municipal Action Programme to investigate what other councils are doing to protest their mandates.



  1. Go to Council meetings
  2. Meet with your Council Ward represenative
  3. Advise Council CEO of Duty of Care/ Responsibility of Governance
  4. Obtain Commonwealth ID 


Attend mock trials at other groups for legal information and practice. 

NEXT MEETING:  Tuesday 5 April at 6pm at Jacqui Turnbull’s home: 56 Bowden St, 



Thank you everyone for your enthusiasm and commitment and for forwarding so much valuable information. Great resources indeed. 

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