Common Law is common to all countries and people around the world. We are building a network of associate organizations that help everyone expand their knowledge about common law and its application to our lives.

  • – New Zealand Common Law Assemblies (NZCLA) 
  • – The CSPOA was started because of the huge need to remind sheriffs and peace officers about their oath of office.  Throughout America, law enforcement agencies have a slogan that defines the primary function of the agency. The slogan, which has been used for decades, yet which has been removed from the door of many police agency patrol vehicles, is To Protect and Serve.
  • – This is an excellent resource for information on dealing with the Covid Scamdemic…
  • – Within the texts of the Democracy Defined Campaign Philosophy rests the Sole (peaceful) Solution to the monumentally growing criminality of governments, and of those who control governments from behind-the-scenes.
  • – The purpose of NLA is to facilitate an education, provide for grassroots’ organization and communication, and thereby build a National Alliance for Liberty across the United States of America, capable of bringing government back under the Consent of We the People.
  • – To extend the everyday reign of Common Law into all areas of life means to challenge the arbitrary rule of the political parties. But the very fact that it is the Law of We, the vast majority of humanity, means that it only needs to be consistently practiced by enough of us to allow the Common Law Sheriffs and Peace Officers to make it work for all.
  • – The International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) – Founded as a lawful Citizens’ Tribunal of Conscience established on September 15, 2012 in Brussels. This court is responsible for convicting former pope Benedict for crimes against humanity, and various other atrocities.
  • – The Vision, Proclamations and Program of the Republic can be found in Establishing Liberty: The Case for the Republic of Kanata at
  • – a treasure trove of information about the many crimes and treason committed by the Australian and international political parties, the United Nations, banksters, and religious leaders.
  • – A blueprint and plan for the future of Australia based on Common Law and Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR).
  • – The Bloody Aussie Battler podcasts are hosted by Mike Holt. Mike pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.
  • – The Battler’s video podcasts.

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