Bero, William Commercial Lien Note

To the Administration of SPER, Electoral Commission Qld and Mer Gedkem Le Corporation, this is for your information. I request ORIC to forward to Mer Gedkem Le Corporation as they have blocked me of all communications, and this is Misconduct of Public Office.

SPERS stupidity continues to commit fraud and has not lifted suspension of Drivers Licence, so I intend to serve Qld Treasury an affidavit and will punish severally.

To all family and friends included in email, please share with your network as the fraud against us the people has been exposed and an affidavit of truth is a tool, we must all use to make every department and politician accountable. This is not for me but for the whole of Torres Straits as we have endured poverty all our lives since invasion.

All the resources in Torres Straits belongs to us the people, Government is a creation of man not ordained by GOD. Every politician that I have included in emails have “NOT STOPPED TO ASSIST” nor “STOOD UP TO CORRECT FRAUD AND TREASON” against us.

I stand in HONOR as Centrelink deadline of 28 days grace ends today of rebuttal of 27-page affidavit. Payment is demanded in Gold Bullion and will be shared throughout Torres Straits. We have been robbed of our wealth all these years and Justice will prevail over these evil people we call government politicians. “This is Gods doing and not mine”.

Kindest Regards, William Bero

SPER (Qld) Notification:

Notice to Electoral Commission:

A Public Notice to All

Affidavit Sent to CENTRELINK

Supporting Documents

Bero Verification Statement Gedkem

William Bero has recorded this GEDKEM Verification Statement  on the PPSR

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Bero Verification Statement Electoral Commission

SEC verified PPSR

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Bero Verification Statement Centrelink

Bero-Verification Statement Centrelink on PPSR

Bero Vanessa Cornish SPER

Bero Vanessa Cornish SPER

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