Attendance: 16 Chartered Members and 59 community members

Convener Mick opened the meeting at 11:32 am.

He welcomed all attendees and verbally presented the day’s agenda.

Three sheriff nominees addressed the meeting to say why they were seeking to become Common Law Sheriffs & asking for endorsement from the Assembly.

Dan reported that he had researched the system thoroughly over the years, leading him eventually to sovereignty and Common Law. He feels a strong desire to do something meaningful & chose the position of Sheriff. Dan noted that we ALL need to support each other. He stated he had completed his training. Cheers from the audience signified popular support, & a unanimous member vote ratified Dan’s nomination.

Mitchell always knew ‘something’s wrong’ with government. It’s time to put the people back in charge & create a better world together. He has completed Sheriff training also. Mitchell’s nomination for Sheriff was supported by all and unanimously validated.

Amanda is still in training. She had asked herself what she could do to serve and unite. She supports a coordinated approach to create a vision & plan to remedy our situation in a civil & lawful way. Members endorsed Amanda’s nomination for Sheriff, pending the successful completion of Sheriff training. 

Sheriff David addressed the group regarding the Role of Common Law Sheriffs. He commended the candidates on their decision and encouraged other interested persons to consider following suit. The Common Law source followed is from Canadian Kevin Arnett. David encouraged us to inform businesses (& individuals) of their rights by distributing Business Packs. Also, to inform them of the availability of Sheriffs if they are experiencing coercion or harassment related to mandates & restrictions.

The three candidates placed their hands on the Bible. They swore the Sheriff’s Oath, being sworn in by Sheriff David at 11:49 am & witnessed by the 75 individuals present. Congratulations were warm and genuine.

Minutes of the previous meeting are available on the website for reading.  Sam moved that they be accepted as accurate. Seconded by Annette, carried.

Treasurer Jayde reported that we have about $1600 on hand.

Jayde moved the report be accepted. Jayde sought approval for the purchase of a Common Law emblazoned portable gazebo. Both seconded by Deb, carried.

Mick moved that we purchase a desperately needed PA system. Seconded by Sam, carried.

Mick talked about the gathering at the Morayfield Community Hall Tuesday 14th December 6-9 pm, organised by Cedric in collaboration with several groups, including ours & encouraged broad-based support. The meeting hopes to address essential  (& other?) services. How we may operate a collaborative, self-sufficient community able to deal effectively with increasing removal of fundamental human rights by our ‘governments’. Mick moved that we as an Assembly attend. Seconded Annette, carried.

Mick also passed on information to the Assembly from lawyer Justin Sibley who hosts a Zoom meeting on Tuesday nights for affected individuals, businesses and service providers. Justin states that ALL aggrieved persons have a right to seek a Judicial Review of any Public Health Directive. The process is that the Chief Medical Officer must review each application.

Mick moved to add Judicial Review information to our Business Packs. Seconded Sam, carried.

We discussed being proactive in gaining support for an apartheid-free region/state/country, particularly in those industries not yet mandated, e.g. RSPCA, local fire brigades. All agreed it is an excellent strategy to seek support for freedom & offer information to those ‘caught in the middle’, of their rights and options. 

Tarne from TAP Caboolture presented information in workshop format about the three types of law and the power of Equity Law to claim sovereignty. Strategies include asking, ‘Where is the contract that shows my agreement?’ & charging government officials for your sovereign time. He displayed a pro-form Schedule of Fees as a model. Tarne suggests getting a photographic copy of your ‘born certificate’ from the hospital as a source document to begin becoming sovereign. He also offered that TAP Caboolture will help in this process & plan further Zoom meetings in this respect. He urged all to change habits, perceptions and beliefs.

Tarne reiterated Tuesday’s community meeting encouraging widespread support & attendance – it’s up to all of us.

The Assembly determined that our final meeting for the year will be next Sunday, 19 December 11:30 am at Centenary Lakes. 

The  meeting closed at 12.50 pm

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