Today was our final meet for 2021. Once again, at Centenary Park under a massive tree with views over the lake & wildlife.

Convener Mick opened the meeting at 11.30 am. 

Thirteen Charter Members were present. And a huge crowd of visitors.

Mick was excited about our new P.A. system, complete with a roving microphone.

Mick encouraged all to read the Qld government website regarding the current craziness – it is a stark contrast to what the media spews out. 

He reminded us no law is valid till tested. (As there is no lawfulness to it, it’s not gonna stand up too well, eh.) 

Agenda: 2 speakers, Alex from De Cline & Stephanie, a local woman. A workshop on setting up an alternative medical clinic focused on finding a space.

Mick announced the brand-new Caboolture Common Law Admin office is at 5 the Esplanade Caboolture, phone 07 5400 5883.

He informed us that lawyers want lead applicants for class Actions.

Gave a call-out for medical supplies for the clinic.  

Mentioned that a Judicial Review (current legislative system) is available for aggrieved people. The Chief Health Officer has to respond to each and every review personally. So if ALL the aggrieved were to file it would effectively halt any  implementing of moronic ‘directions’ while the CHO is spending years responding to the multitude of reviews.

Sheriff  David promoted the raffle, raising funds for the Sheriff’s Office – 1st ‘prize’ a 1-ounce silver coin, $5 ticket.

Treasury team member Samantha gave the treasury report. She approved the purchase of our BBQ for sausage sizzling.

Secretary Jools moved that the minutes of the previous meeting be passed, second  Annette. 

Then the mic became ROVING! It was up for grabs.

Vicki told us a freedom hairdressing salon, Loopy Locks, is now set up in Morayfield, also that the fruit barn on the way to Bribie Island is pro-choice.

Karen cited her discovery that Woolworths will pressure their staff to shoot up. Therefore she will withdraw her insurance policies from the establishment. Coles is not exercising such a judgement on their workers. So where do we shop?!

Kirsten, a registered nurse, stood down, but she is ‘fighting’ the corporation. She has redefined herself as a holistic health worker. She is an NDIS carer in private homes & told us the system is in dire straits because of repercussions from the clot shot. 

Anne stated BlueCare does not acknowledge any ‘vaccination’ exemption. She had a question: what does one do when a discriminator gives a false name? There is no way to prosecute them. 

As guest speaker Alex was still on the road, Troy from De Cline offered a short story of a court case that went belly up when Constitution sec. 51, 23 A was cited i.e. no medical conscription. He explained a ‘person’ is a traded entity. We are to call ourselves man/woman /people. 

Dallas took questions (2 for $50, he said – lol). He outlined the relevancy of our live birth record & to acquire from your place of birth. He offered other snippets of info plus some gossip. 

Guest speaker Stephanie emphasised there is a way forward … a parallel community & economy. All skills are surely available; she encouraged us to connect, be cohesive & collaborative. Stephanie promoted: Do Your Own Thing and underground resistance – search what the Danish people did when the Nazis came by.

Ange outlined The People’s Revolution ( All about finding your tribe, your connect group.

Mick stated photocopies on various subjects are available on the ‘desk’. He also answered Anne’s earlier question. 

He reminded us that recording & photographing are off-limits. 

Michelle, North Brisbane AustraliaOne coordinator, explained how to vote, i.e. fill out the form. Also, how a local representative is chosen for the locale, & about the Small Business Model. 

A gentleman in the crowd encouraged us to vote with a biro, not a pencil.

Jane called for the setting up of a community garden. She put out a request for a plot/s of land. Mick informed us land is available at Narangba to grow crops & would provide an update on that soon.

Treasurer Jayde gave info regarding foster children & one’s children. common website contains a notice to school management. Another site:

Joel cited the ‘Justinian deception’. Check YouTube or Rumble, Rumley Stewart, to reverse any identification with having no rights. 

Sheriff Amanda drew the raffle, which raised $390. Winner Claire no. 17, the silver coin. Second draw Jane, no. 18, household tool kit.

Annette, a teacher, called for ‘leftover’ school materials for next year’s Home Schooling.

As guest speaker Alex from De Cline was overtly late (traffic!), his associate offered education on contract law. Troy also explained some of the Bio Security Act. Rumble DECLINE has a video on negotiating with corporation officers – say three times,

‘I decline your offer to contract’. And state the boss works for a corporation with an ABN.

Conspicuously, the crowd had thinned when Alex arrived – 2.10pm. He reiterated there is no government; it’s a corporation owned by the U.N. He explained corporate rule & customers (us) with reference numbers, that we have a right to decline an offer of contract. 

Alex outlined: a ‘mandate’ is a direction, nothing more – that a fine = an offer to contract – should a policy enforcer from Qld. Police department come by your house ask, is there a problem? I did not call you – do not allow segregation with an emphasis on States, we are Australian – the only boundary we have is the coastline, other ‘divisions’ are boundaries – 1997 Constitution (current legislative system) Section 92 states we can travel anywhere.

More: should you take a third particular medical procedure you had contracted – Section 109 Constitution Federal legislation trumps the States’ – lodge complaints with Human Rights Commission – before 1986 boxes for votes were made of steel & padlocked! Email for info, or check the Facebook page.

Alex took questions. Answers: politicians breaking the law of the sea – decline (more succinct) means, I do not consent  – the death process of those who’d shot up – lockdown is an offer to contract. Other De Cline members offered a printed handout.

The meeting closed at 3pm.

The next meeting of CCL is at Centenary Lakes is on 9 January 2022. 

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