Caboolture assembly is having a third meeting. The environment was informal; the crowd was vast, camped under a large tree with a cooling breeze & a calming view of the lake & waterfowl. 

Convener Mick opened the meeting at 11.35 am. Twelve chartered members were present – therefore, a formal assembly.

Secretary Jools discovered that the Minutes of the previous meeting had not been uploaded to the website, so they could not be approved. There was no correspondence. Treasurer Jayde encouraged all to donate when she passed the collection container around. General handler Sam announced the sausage sizzle was available for purchase throughout the meet.

Mick spoke from his heart, saying he took the Convener position as the time is crucial for us all to step up, because war is upon us. He stated it is hard for the government to come between relationships. Establish one with your butcher, baker, hairdresser, tool shop, etc. Let your providers know you stand with them as they endeavour to keep their business open. They are us, and we are them was a mantra he offered. He asked, where do you put your attention? TURN THE TV & RADIO OFF!

Many had asked about the flying blue flag with a white cross & stars; Mick explained it is the flag of the Eureka Stockade. He provided an outlined history of this event. Australian flags: the red one is the original Australian flag, denoting the soil. The blue one flown most often usurped the original – it represents water, maritime law that these days legislates the land.

Sheriff Wayne from the Sunshine Coast assembly explained the role of a Sheriff. He informed us it is a necessary plan to have sheriffs in all locations. So that when peace-keeping is required, it can be almost immediate & a sheriff does not need to travel any great distance. He called for participation in the World Wide Rally for Freedom, Peace & Rights in Brisbane Botanical Gardens Saturday, 20 November. The Common Law red marquee will be a base for information. He also exhorted, TURN OF THE TV, MSM is all lies!

Guest speaker Mike Holt, driver of Common Law, Convener of Sunshine Coast assembly & author of many websites, then took the megaphone. Being a Charter Member was explained & Mike encouraged people to ‘take the oath’. Step by step, he took us through each article of the Constitution of Sovereign People’s Assembly. This document cannot be changed without each assembly worldwide having 75% agreement of its Charter members. Also mentioned: the Business Pack – get it to business owners. website heading Facilitate contains more info on the Covidiocy. Common Law courts are functioning around the globe. Common Law to replace the corrupt government with changes to the Constitution by referendum. Step out of the old into common law of heart & mind. Recommended Caboolture C.L. assembly to set up a stress relief program for those in difficulty. For the assembly to purchase a Common Law signature red marquee, $1000 is to be raised & then Head Office will subsidise the outstanding amount. The Q.& A. session proved to have in-depth, specific questions. 

Wayne advised Cds/USBs with pertinent info were available for purchase. Also, Dick Yardley’s book is on sale.

The meeting closed at 12.50 pm. 

Next meeting 11.30 am 28 November 2021 at Centenary Lakes. 

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