Many arrived at Centenary Lakes Caboolture at 12.30 pm to endeavour to enjoy a sausage sizzle in 40 km gusts of wind!

The Meeting was opened at 1.30 pm by Samantha, who welcomed the 50/60 or so group of people.

As 12 Charter Members were present to vote, they approved the creation of a Moreton Bay Assembly Business Pack Covid By-Law. We can offer local businesses this to educate them about the unlawful directives spewed out by the fully paid-up-by-the-elite rogue government. Sam will put the pack together, hopefully soon, she said, & upload it on the website.

Position Holders were elected. Mick was nominated as Convener by Sam & seconded by Sheriff Pam. 

Jools was nominated as Secretary by Sam, seconded by Pam.  Annette volunteered as Assistant Secretary.

The Treasury is to be managed by Jayde, nominated by Sam, seconded by Mick. 

The Treasury support team is Sam & Annette, who volunteered.

Social Media Volunteer is Jayde. At this writing, the Telegram channel for Caboolture Common Law Assembly is up & running. Search for 

Sheriff Pam talked about the Attorney General website. 

She stated she is willing to do an evening Seminar (in a hall) to explain all she has discovered & learnt concerning common law.

Sheriff David showed us & read out parts of the letter he has created to send as a review to 

businesses that don’t understand that treason is going on. And that it is time to make a stand against what is not in the people’s best interest

. It contains a short history of the treason perpetrated on the Australian people. Full articlefound at 

Sam led Q&A concerning the physical Meeting, time slot, etc. The majority agreed on 11.30 am as a starting time on Sunday fortnightly.

Mick encouraged us to look up Dick Yardley’s book Australian Political & Religious Leaders TREASON Treachery & Sabotage. He is keen to draw out & present highlights from the book for educational purposes. 

The Meeting closed at 2.30 pm. 

Next Meeting 11.30 am Sunday 14th November 2021 at Centenary Lakes at the covered bbq area on the hill.  

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