Caboolture Common Law Assembly Meeting – Minutes 

Caboolture Common Law Assembly Meeting – Minutes

Sunday 23/01/2022, 11.30 – Centenary Lakes, Caboolture


71 people present, 18 Chartered members

Mick called for Secretarial Nominations

Mick delivered a speech about why he values his position as Convenor

  • Moved Mick remain Convenor, Sam seconded
  • 54 voted yes, 18 members
  • Introduced Joel as possible Co-convenor

Joel spoke – needed to do something! Needed to reach out, attend rallie. Wants to be included 

in being on right side of history for the children. Order into action.  Make connections

  • Joel nominated; Michelle seconded. 15 members

Jayde – Treasurer’s Report – Dave seconded

Secretary will report on last fortnights meeting at next meeting

  • Anne-Marie nominated as Secretary, 20 years admin experience 
  • Annette seconded, 21 carried

Amanda – Sheriff’s Report

  • Medical Centres, etc are refusing service to unvaxxed
  • Family Law / Tenancy Agreements:  unable to support under Common Law
  • Can provide emotional support and support with Rights and arm with information
  • Global Economic Forum is an organisation in opposition to World Economic Forum
  • If refused service, they can send an email to the business re: discrimination
  • Followed up with another email in 10days, can obtain copy of emails sent
  • Founded by the People to support ‘Great Awakening’
  • Check out website
  • Bonus is this invites people to look who did not know about it
  • Sam will load details onto Common Law website

Jayde called for Media Technology Moderator:  to manage Common Law platforms

  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • Facebook Page
  • Ange nominated

Community Garden: location – 145 Raynbird Road, Narangba

  • Anika to setup and coordinate
  • Looking for people with gardening knowledge
  • Request for donations of garden tools

Julie – Administration Coordinator

  • Julie and Annette met with property owner Lisa
  • Lisa has offered her property for Australia Day Event
  • Call out for volunteers
  • First Aid Stand – EEN Tamarra : 4 required
  • Kids Games with Sally:  2 required
  • Volunteer judges for best ‘Aussie Outfit ‘
  • Toilet Management: 15min job intermittently
  • Jumping Castle Management: 6 required 
  • Grounds People: to keep property clean, empty bins
  • Tuesday call out – 2hrs re: parking
  • Expecting approx. 1000 people to attend


  • Annette has donated a piece of Indigenous Artwork
  • Dave will run a raffle: 1st prize choice of gold or silver bullion, 3 round 1966

           50c coins.  2nd prize 1 x round 1966 50c coin.

  • Tickets will be $5 and 75% of funds will go towards Community Garden
  • Dave will be walking around event to selling tickets

Mick – call out for collaboration of medical staff

  • Looking for Allied Health Workers, Naturopaths, Doctors, Nurses, etc to Collaborate
  • There are other Pro-Choice Centres in other areas
  • Anyone in medical field to be a go to person would be appreciated
  • Form going around to join mailing list
  • There will be a register for Chartered members to tick their presence
  • Call out for items to be raised
  • See Sam to become a Chartered member

Passing of the Stick

  • Sally (attendee) Federal Member for Longman,Terry Young will be meeting with Josh Frydenberg tomorrow at noon.  There is a link on his website to register for meeting
  • Rates Notices: a portion of rates went to rural fire brigade.  This is no longer going to them. This is an item to be raised at this meeting.
  • Question: outcome of Sunshine Coast class action and applications to join – still ongoing currently. Hiding behind emergency powers.
  • Question: can we apply rights of Common Law overseas. There are people behind the scenes looking into it.  There was an incident in UK where GP confirmed jabbed patient’s health issues were all about immune system. 
  • Musgrave Park: Barrister spoke – involved with investigation of injuries from jab.  Seeking cases for lawsuit.  Email:


Annette – Update Judicial Law

  • Statutory Order of Review for Chief health Officers (CHO) employed in Education and Early Childhood Sectors
  • Call out for those who feel aggrieved for court case. 
  • There is another court case in Mackay 02/02/2022 – looking for teachers for class action
  • We are supporting

Sam – Treasury Team

  • The Velvet Revolution is working with International Common Law – call out for people
  • More info for direction
  • Form small groups to advise to arrest re:  mandates
  • Newsletter mailing list – newsletter will be circulated before 31/01/2022

Dave – Hague Tribunal

  • There has been a vote – guilty for genocide from Hague

Mick – Response to question on Born Certificate

  • Applied for from Births, Deaths and Marriages, request for born certificate from Hospital
  • Birth Certificate – dead entity
  • Born Certificate – living person
  • Restoring our living entity

Jumping Castle for Australia Day Event

  • Cost is $300
  • 3 attendees have agreed to sponsor the cost
  • A gold coin will be charged for the jumping castle as parent consent

Sam – Bylaws on Mandates

  • These were made available at November meeting
  • Information on homepage

Meeting closed at 1.30 pm. Followed by sausage-sizzle & chat. 

Next Meeting 

Sunday 06/02/2022, 11.30 – Centenary Lakes, Caboolture

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