Constitution Stickers

These stickers are designed to quickly and easily inform people about the Constitution.

We recommend that you download one sticker a month, print up as many as you can afford, and stick them around your suburb or town. The more stickers you can place in front of the public, the more effective they will be.

Vistaprint printing is fast and affordable. When ordering, make sure to specify that the stickers are printed with UV proof ink so that they do not fade in the sun.

Each sticker features our logo, as well as a QR code that will take people to our website.

NOTE: Even though these stickers have an adhesive back, you can make a glue paste that will make it virtually impossible to remove the stickers. It’s simple to make. Make a simple flour and water paste until it is a good consistency. Then add a generous dollop of washing up liquid. When posting the stickers, brush the paste onto the back of the sticker and place it on the display surface. Then brush more paste over the face of the sticker.

We start with the Preamble:

Constitution Preamble

The Constitution Preamble establishes We, the People of the Commonwealth, supreme over the parliament.  We tell the Parliament what to do…. NOT the other way around!

Size: 65.4KB

Clause 5:

Constitution Clause 5

Clause 5 binds every member of the Commonwealth of Australia to the Constitution. It is our supreme law and it must be obeyed!

Size: 111KB

Constitution S.7

Constitution S. 7 Senate

Section 7 states that only We, the People of the Commonwealth may choose our representatives. It doesn’t mention political parties. If political parties are not in the Constitution they have no standing in the law.

Size: 63.7KB

Constitution S.24

Constitution S24

Constitution Section 24  tells us that representatives elected to the Lower House, must be chosen by the people. It says nothing about political parties. Therefore, they have no authority to select candidates and tell us to vote for them.

Size: 69.5KB

Constitution S.44

Constitution S44

Constitution S.44 tells us who is qualified to sit in our Parliament. Read it carefully, as it states that only members of the Commonwealth may sit. This means that anyone from the Commonwealth countries may sit in our Parliament. Those attainted by Treason, bankruptcy, or having allegiance to any other country outside the Commonwealth, are forbidden to sit in our Parliament.

Size: 62.7KB

Constitution S.51

Constitution S. 51

Constitution S. 51 lays out the duties of the Commonwealth Parliament. These are the only duties may make laws about unless We, the People vote in a referendum to amend the Constitution.

Size: 63.8

Constitution S.51 Powers of the Parliament

Constitution S.51 Introduction

Constitution Section 51 lays out the responsibilities and duties of Parliament. No laws may be made that are inconsistent with the Constitution. Parliament cannot tell us how to live our lives.

Size: 68.9KB

Constitution S.51(xxiiiA)

Constitution S. xxiiiA

Constitution S.51 (xxiiiA) allows the government to provide dental and medical services, but no government can force us to accept these services

Size: 68.5KB

Constitution S.51(xxii)

Constitution S51-22 Marriage

Constitution S52 (xxii) – Parliament can only make laws affecting divorce, marriage, parental rights and child protection after We the People vote in a Binding Referendum. A plebiscite, poll, a voluntary postal survey of all Australians is not a referendum. Changing a Constitutional law must be by a Binding Referendum.

Size: 73.4KB

Constitution S.92

Constitution S92 Borders

Constitution S.92 forbids Parliament closing any State borders. Commerce must always be free across State borders.

Size: 65.6KB

Constitution S.109

Constitution S109

Constitution S.109 guarantees that all Constitutional laws are always above any State or other laws. The Constitution is supreme!

Size: 65KB

Constitution S.128

Constitution S128

Constitution S.128 guarantees that the Constitution may only be changed by We the People voting in a referendum. Our founding fathers made a fundamental mistake, however. They gave the power to start (initiate) a referendum only to the Parliament. They expected our representatives to be honourable and honest. So do we!

Size: 68KB

Know your Constitution and you can stand strong in your rights

Constitution Know It

When you have read and understood the Constitution you can protect your rights and freedoms.

Size: 65.3KB

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