Public Notice of Claim of Right

When submitting a Statement of Claim to a common law court, you should also publish a public notice to inform those you are bringing a case against that you are summoning them to court.

A public notice of claim of right may be made public by printing out and posting it on a public notice board, or by publishing it in a publicly read magazine or newspaper, or by posting it on a website or social media where it can be seen by the public.

Claim of Right made under Common Law

Issued by __________________ on _________ in the community of __________________________________

I, ________________ , give public notice of my personal claim of right and of lawful excuse to convene and establish a common law court under my liberty as a flesh and blood man or woman; and I do hereby call upon the support of all competent men and women to assist me in this lawful right.

I further give public notice of my personal claim of right and of lawful excuse of twelve men or women, to judge a matter affecting the well being, rights and safety of myself and my community, that matter being the following:
(Description of issue, statement of claim and parties in the claim)

I further give public notice that this jury of my peers has the jurisdictional competence to judge this matter and issue a sentence and verdict within the said common law court based upon proven and lawful evidence presented within its court.

I hereby publicly call upon and request the support of my community to establish this common law court and its jury of twelve men or women, to be sworn to act in such a capacity for the duration of the court proceedings, according to Natural Law and the rules of evidence and due process. I make this public claim of right freely, without coercion or ulterior motive, in the interest of justice and the public welfare.



Public Notice of Claim of Right (Doc)

Download a template Public Notice of Claim of Right MS Word document

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