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This page lists all the documents you can use to Lawfully Rebel against the unlawful Covid directives issued by governments around Australia. A Directive is not a law. An Instruction issued by a State Parliamentarian is not a law.

If it is not a law the People of the Commonwealth of Australia do not have to obey it.

Download a list of all Constitutional Referendums since 1901

All Australian Referendum Results

All referendum results since 1901

Size: 607KB

Download Covid19 Conditional Consent Privacy Act

The Privacy Act protects our right to privacy. No business has the right to demand you divulge your private information before allowing you to enter their premises. Whenever you are asked to sign into a business premises by scanning a QR Code, or giving them your private information, tell them you will be happy to after they sign this Conditional Acceptance form.

The political party corporate governments can’t even get their own lies straight! Despite bringing in legislation to force everyone to download and use the CovidSafe App to use before entering business premises, they actually passed the Privacy Act 1988 section 94H legislation years ago specifically banning anyone trying to force us to use the app! Now they are conveniently ignoring it!!!

Print out and carry copies of the form below to give to any staff member that tries to force you to sign in with the covid app.

Covid Privacy Act Form

Print out and carry this document to hand to any staff member that insists you sign into the Covid registration form or scan the covid QR registration code. This puts them on notice they are breaking Federal Privacy Act 1988, Section 94H. All members of the Commonwealth of Australia have a right to refuse any attempt to gather our private information by a corporation or business.

Size: 38KB

Covid – What every business owner should know

The information in this PDF can be printed out as a poster and handed out to business owners. Encourage them to stand up for their rights and ours against the unlawful Covid restrictions. Remind them that when they help to destroy our rights they are destroying theirs as well, and a $5,000 fine and/or jail time is not worth supporting a government edict with no law behind it.

Covid – What every business owner needs to know

What every Business Owner needs to know about Covid Directives. Get educated. Know your rights.
(As of JANUARY 2021)

Size: 851KB

Show this to a business owner

Show them this QR to Privacy Act

Download and print out on a card this useful information. You can show this to any business that refuses to allow you into their premises if you don’t scan the QR code with your government App.

The Privacy Act Section 94H forbids a business owner refusing entry, and the penalty for that is 5 years!

Size: 597KB

You do not have to consent to wear a mask

Common Law and the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Constitution guarantee the right of citizens to go about their lawful business unhindered by the police or anyone else as long as you are not suspected of committing a crime.

Covid Mask Refusal

In 1946 Australians voted in a referendum that asked if we would authorize the political party governments to provide, among other things, medical or dental procedures.

The question was approved, but with a condition:
Section 51 (xxiiiA) medical and dental services (but not so as to authorize any form of civil conscription)

We do not have to comply with a criminal directive.

Size: 130KB

Cease and Desist Letter threatening dismissal for not vaccinating

If your employer threatens to sack you if you do not get the Covid vaccination, send them this letter. If they continue to threaten you, get legal advice and take them to court for breaching the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Section 51(xxiiiA) – a Federal offence.

Cease and Desist warning to Employer

Download and use this Cease and Desist warning letter to send to an employer threatening to sack you if you do not get vaccinated. This letter explains that they are committing a Federal Crime by breaching the Commonwealth of Australia Act 1901 Section 51(xxiiiA)

Size: 233KB

Biosecurity Act and Public Health Orders

Biosecurity and public health orders

Download and use this information about Biosecurity and Public Health Orders to help you educate those trying to enforce these unlawful, unconstitutional orders by the traitorous government.

You can help us put a stop to the attacks on our rights and freedoms! Know the law, educate others, and refuse to bow down to the orders from the unscrupulous traitors and their supporters.

Size: 688KB

Do you trust your insurance company to cover you for the Covid19 Jab?

Send this letter to your Insurance company to ask them if they cover the adverse effects of the Covid19 vaccination:

Cover letter to insurance company asking if they cover Covid side effects

Cover letter to insurance company asking if the cover Covid side effects.

Download the letter, edit in your own information, and then send this letter to your insurance company asking if they cover Covid19 adverse effects, including Death and Injury.

Size: 14KB

Download a Template Bylaw for banning all Covid restrictions – .DOC format

Download a Bylaw template for your assembly to amend and distribute

template bylaw banning covid restrictions (doc)

Assembly conveners, download this Covid Bylaw template in .DOC format and edit it for your assembly. Edit the information enclosed in square brackets, like this [ASSEMBLY NAME].

To pass this bylaw, all Chartered members of your assembly must pass the bylaw by a majority vote. Then ask members to form teams to take the Bylaw to businesses in your community to explain that they do not have to obey the illegal Covid directives any more. The covid directives are not laws unless they have been passed by a lawful Parliament of the People, with a Crown appointed Governor General. (There has not been a crown appointed GG since January 1960).

Size: 2115KB

Download the Sunshine Coast Common Law Bylaw

Download a sample of the Sunshine Coast Bylaw banning Covid19 Restrictions to use as a template for your assembly.

Sunshine Coast Assembly Business Pack Covid Bylaw

Download a Covid Bylaw business kit to hand out to businesses on the Sunshine Coast

Size: 1,745KB
Published: November 16, 2020

Download the Brisbane Assembly By-Law banning Covid Restrictions

Brisbane Covid By-Law

Download the Brisbane By-Law Business Pack banning Covid Restrictions.

Size: 1,392KB

Download the Hervey Bay assembly By-Law banning Covid Restrictions

Hervey Bay Covid Bylaw Business Pack

Hervey Bay assembly members and business owners may download the Covid By-Law Business Pack, print it out and use it to inform the public that businesses do not have to comply with the unlawful directives of the State Government to implement any and all Covid restrictions.

Size: 355KB

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