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The political parties have lied to us, destroyed our manufacturing and primary industries, caused immeasurable harm to the people of Australia, and BETRAYED the trust we gave them.

They have assumed supreme power over We, the People that they do not have any authority to assume. They have allowed liars, thieves, criminals and TRAITORS to infest our Parliament and our political system.

We now know that the corruption and TREASON started long ago. But that is no excuse. The politicians, judges, magistrates and their minions today are all imposters, and therefore they are as guilty and accountable as their predecessors.

This is the series of events that have culminated in the most corrupt Australian government… EVER!

  1. 1960: We now know that the first step towards the political crisis we face today started when Sir William Slim retired as the last Crown-appointed Governor General, and the Parliament BETRAYED the People when they took control over each succeeding Governor General by putting the Emu and Kangaroo seal over HM Queen Elizabeth’s Lion and Unicorn Seal on her Letters Patent appointing a new Governor General. From that time on, the Parliament has assumed power over the people, instead of acting as the servant of the people, as mandated by the first three words in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 Preamble, “WHEREAS the people…”.
  2. 1966: The criminals in Parliament TREASONOUSLY conspired with the international banking cartel to deny us our lawful money, the Imperial Pound, as mandated in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, and substitute instead the US Dollar. At the same time, the government conspired with the US to put the men and women of our Australian Defence Force in dire danger by sending them to an undeclared war in Vietnam. Successive Parliaments since then have sent our ADF personnel to participate in other undeclared wars, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. The deaths of those who died as a result of this TREASON are on the heads of every politician involved.
  3. 1972: E.G. Whitlam, a man with a single share in the Commonwealth of Australia, BETRAYED our most gracious Queen Elizabeth the Second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by assuming the post of Prime Minister before vote counting was finished. Whitlam and Lance Barnard both conspired to form a Duumvirate government. They amended the Royal Style and Titles Act to create a “Queen of Australia”, a titular title on a worthless piece of paper registered to a private corporation owned by the political parties in the USA.
  4. 1986: Bob Hawke, as he self-styled himself, a man with a single share in the Commonwealth of Australia, BETRAYED our most gracious Queen Elizabeth the Second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, by signing into purported law the Australia Act. We know that Her Majesty asked Hawke if he had held a referendum of the people before severing ties with the Crown. He ignored her question, and signed his own name to the Australia Act instead by printing Bob Hawke. Therefore, the act of separation from the United Kingdom was never achieved, and Australia remains a Federated British Colony to this day.

There have been many other acts of TREASON since then, all culminating in the destruction of the property and lives of millions of Australians.

Isn’t it time that these TRAITORS are held accountable by the People of the Commonwealth of Australia?

Therefore, it is the intention of the Common Law national team to hire private investigators and lawyers to start prosecuting those responsible for causing so much harm to the people.

All donations will be held in escrow in the National Common Law bank account until needed. We will issue updates on progress summoning the TRAITORS to court in the report window below. There is no target figure. We will need ongoing funds to pay for our legal team to do their best work.

Please give generously. We ask for at least a $100 donation, although any amount is welcome, but the quicker we can raise funds the sooner we can summon the liars, thieves, criminals and TRAITORS into a criminal court.

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