FREE Covid QR Code Sticker

You can help stop the unlawful government demand that everyone scan a QR code before entering a business premises.

Download your Free Covid QR Sticker here and take the PDF file to your printer to make as many sheets of stickers as you need.

FREE Covid QR Stickers

Download this PDF file and print your own Covid QR stickers. The ideal size for each QR code sticker is 7cm a side, but you can make them any size you need. Ask your printer to cut the stickers so that they are easy to peel off the backing sheet.

Size: 431

Here’s how they work. You print up your stickers and carry at least 1 sheet with you every time you go out. Whenever you see a Covid QR code people must scan before entering a business, put this sticker over the top of their code.

When people scan our QR code they will be taken to this page:

Please share this with your friends, family, or anyone you wish. Let’s get them out there.

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