Sheriff Uniform

As we organize Sheriff Departments nationally and locally, we need a smart, professional-looking uniform that easily identifies our peacekeepers.

Each regional Sheriff department will make their own decision on the type of uniform they want. Funding to pay for uniforms will be drawn from the Assembly bank account until Regional governments are created, at which time funds for operating a Regional Sheriff Office will be allocated as part of the operating budget. We supply these suggestions here for your comments and ideas on the type of uniform your community would like to use.

This does not mean  that there will only be one "type" of uniform but rather a uniform theme. For example, a combination of a working khaki cotton shirt with black or green pants. along with a grey polo shirt and possible white ceremonial shirt could be the set used. This is a long-term solution however, so at this stage a working uniform that all can wear is the initial starting point.

Which one do you like? Tell us in the comments below…. Please include the name of your common law assembly if you are a member. We encourage all assemblies to discuss the type of uniform you would like your Sheriffs to wear.

We'd like your feedback on the uniform styles, if there is not one shown here, feel free to make a suggestion and we'll add it the voting poll below.

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