The Silent Majority Sunshine Coast Meetings

Date: [30th April 2023]

Time: [10 am]

Location: [Email Ron for Location]

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The Silent Majority will Prevail

Here’s how!

A Cabal of unelected Elitists within the United Nations (UN), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Economic Forum (WEF) have for too long dictated Federal and State policies within Australia. Indeed WEF chief Klaus Schwab has arrogantly boasted that his organisation has ‘infiltrated all Western democracies right up to Cabinet level’. And it’s not just the ruling Government that has been penetrated – it’s also the main Opposition parties. 

So it doesn’t matter who is elected to govern our nation, both sides of politics are inordinately influenced in their decision-making by the power-grabbing Klaus Schwab and his privileged cohorts. There can be no doubt that this level of international corruption by the mega-wealthy elitists can only be achieved by implementing longterm bribery, blackmail, threats and internal treachery on a massive scale.

So what can we, the citizens of Australia, do about it?

Not much. We’ve tried to vote out the crooks and traitors at Federal and State level but the main Parties have utterly corrupted the election process and have got the results all sewn up between them. Also, in too many instances the Courts that should defend us have been neutered and, worst of all, our original Constitution has been totally trashed and binned. 

But something that not many people realise is that this insidious foreign manipulation penetrates all the way down to our Local Councils. They get a lot of funding from State and Federal Governments, plus the major Parties work hard to get their people elected onto local Councils so that they can control them too. 

If only we could cut the head off the snake the rest would die – right?

Realistically that’s impossible from where we stand as individuals on our little patch of Terra Australis. However - the wise old settlers who built this great nation might just have shown the way.

In the days of bullockies and drovers and cattle musterers the stockwhip was an indispensible accessory. It took a bit of skill to aim and crack a whip, but once the technique was learned it became very useful for another purpose – disposing of dangerous snakes. It wasn’t even necessary to have a stockwhip at hand  - a careful individual could pick a snake up by its tail, swing it around and crack it like a whip!  This invariably broke the snake’s neck and killed it instantly. In some instances it’s claimed, the head flew clean off!

The way we see it, Local Councils are the tail of the snake – and if we the voters work together we can crack the tail of the political snake so hard that the reverbrations will surge all along the spine, rattling the corrupted State and Federal Governments and ultimately dislodging the distant ugly head. 

Local Councils are the weapon that will regain us our freedom and democracy

Sunshine Coast Council elections will be held on April 2024?

This is our chance to strike! The search has already begun on the Sunshine Coast and in many other districts for potential candidates to stand as Councillors. They will need to support the ideals of patriotism, transparency, common sense, accountability and commit to always standing up for the interests and will of their community.

Candidates with the right credentials will be supported in their campaign by an army of volunteers that we’ve already recruited. We will assist candidates by promoting them on every available public platform, plus with letterbox drops, coreflute placement and fundraising activities.

The Critical Issue - 15 Minute Cities

The most significant issue that all Australians face right now is the proposed introduction of “15 minute cities”. We call them SURVEILLANCE CITIES - because that’s what they are. They come straight out of the WEF’s 2030 Agenda handbook as a mechanism to restrict and control us forever in the name of 'climate change''and 'saving the planet'. To achieve their goals, these 15-minute cities will confine you to an area close to your home, demand you apply for permits to leave, and issue fines and social-credit deductions if you disobey. 

Already too many Australian Local Councils are adopting “15 minute cities” into their planning strategies. Unless dramatic changes are made to our representation on the next Sunshine Coast Council in March 2024, we will find that we have been locked into a SURVEILLANCE CITY program against the will of the majority of citizens who didn’t realise the seriousness of the threat until it was too late.

We recognise that some parts of the ‘Smart City’ concept has benefits when the technology is used for the right civic reasons. But the overall concept is so all-encompassing and extreme that the ultimate outcome will be total control of you and your family and friends by the unelected elites of the WEF. Do you want that? We certainly don’t!

Electing councillors who understand the potential dangers of 15-minute ‘surveillance cities' is critical to the future of everyone.

Please join us on this journey! 

SJ for The Sunshine Coast Silent Majority