Letter to AEC

The AEC is responsible for organising elections. The AEC is a Commonwealth Entity, bound by Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901, as Proclaimed and Gazetted, as is every Australian.

Ever since Whitlam registered the government as a private corporation, all elections have been conducted unlawfully in fraud.

Fraud vitiates everything!

We the people have a right to ensure that elections to our Commonwealth Parliament are conducted lawfully according to the Constitution.

This letter to the AEC is to tell them that they must conduct a new election according to the Will of the People.

The letter can be downloaded below, and signed by any member of the Commonwealth of Australia. To sign, place your autograph at the end of the letter, and if you have a red ink pad available place your red ink thumbprint over your autograph. This is an example of how it should look:

When your letter is ready, please mail it to the AEC address on the letter:

Tom Rogers
Australian Electoral Commissioner
Locked Bag 4007 Canberra ACT 2601

The more people who sign and send this letter, the more powerful our voice will be to the AEC. They cannot ignore the Will of the People any more.

Download letter to the AEC

Download and print out this letter to the AEC demanding that they organise a true election to a Parliament under Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. The letter is available for download in early MS Word format so that you can edit the date at the end of the letter you require the AEC Commissioner to respond. Please do not edit any of the other text.

Size: 37.5KB

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