Starting a Court Case


Starting a Court Case in either the current judicial system or a common law court.

Why are most of us afraid to take control and demand that a wrong be made right by taking an individual into the court system and proving they have harmed?

The only reason is fear of the unknown. It’s just a system we don’t understand, run by people just like us, with families and problems to solve, but they have knowledge about how the system works, and we don’t.

Knowledge is power.

As we work our way through a world of uncertainty and wrong-doing, start to take more into your own hands. Go and sit in on cases in a local magistrates court, and learn as much as you can, until it’s all familiar. Nothing that is familiar is scary any more and you will realise that the court system is nothing more than a structured set of rules run by ordinary people like you, but with more knowledge than you. You may well be more intelligent than they are.

We must use what is at our disposal with conviction, power through knowledge, and control overall.

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