Minutes Gold Coast Assembly – 7 March 2021

Sunday 7th March 2021 |3.00pm| Meeting location Southport Donna’s Place

Meeting called by Common Law Type of meeting Discuss upcoming assembly with Mike Holt Zoom Call Facilitator John Rafter/ Johnny Waaka Note taker Loretta Timekeeper AmandaAttendees 34

Agenda topics

Time allocated | 3.00pm to 5.00pm| Agenda topic Assembly | Presenter John Rafter

Discussion Common Law Assembly need 12 members for assembly

Conclusion Attendees to check out web site commonlaw.earth and review reading and register for …………….

Action itemsPerson responsible 
Common law assemblyJohn Rafter 
Zoom Meeting with groupMike Holt 


Minutes of Meeting

Thanks, Donna for organising meeting room

John thanked everyone for coming, asked if people would check sign in sheet or register.

John discussed common law assembly and signing charter

John set up zoom meeting with Mike for him to explain common law and then asked the group for questions.

Mike welcomed everyone, good to see so many people attending.

Assemblies are growing Sunshine Coast, Hervey bay, Canada, Argentina, Sweden, Areas of Europe, Africa and USA.

Basic common law rule

  • Do no harm to others
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • No rules – do good

At present people have not had a way to empower themselves, this gives opportunity.

Mike discussed forming assembly need 12 participants

  1. Conveyor
  2. Secretary
  3. Treasure
  4. Sheriff
  5. Education coordinator – classes, press releases, common law
  6. Acting committee coordinator – plan organise. Public actions
  7. Judicial coordinator


Common law court

How do you set up assembly– sign charter to convene assembly

As assembly grows, education, learn, assembly will elect communal structure.

Definition of common law assembly – you become local government, do what government does.

Sunshine coast has already started – new by law banning Covid19 restrictions

Posse of concerned people – some police not wearing hi vis jackets when doing traffic stops.

Common law – law of the people

Question – what’s being rolled out this vaccine roll out, and for people to understand theirs rights, they need your permission – do not consent.

Education – ready flyers to understand the law

Members to check out website  commonlaw.earth and go through the links and read and understand.  Sign charter and print out and laminate.  Bring to next meeting and then assembly members will be chosen.  Next meeting on agenda

  • discuss Telegram group setup
  • set up Gold Coast Assembly
  • Vote For Positions  

John to send calendar invites to members of group by email.
John to send cirnow.com.au   
John Rafter

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