Minutes of meeting Sunday 2nd May 2021

Minutes of meeting Sunday 2nd May 2021, held at the Community Hall, 87 Willis Road, Bli Bli

*        Meeting commenced at 2pm.  To be shorter  than usual because Mike had a zoom meeting with W.A.

*        First item to be discussed was the introduction of flyers for posting especially at election time with our special kind of glue.  We asked for flyer ideas at the last meeting.  Mike will finalise and have them printed and we will all need to place them.

*        Report on the fund raising sausage sizzle.  Lessons learned as far as timing and the size of the barbeque so we will be more prepared next time.

*        Mike finished succinct article titled “What is Common Law” as an easy to understand article for those brand new to the subject.  It will be put up on our website under Educate.

*        An Assembly is starting in South Burnett run by Barby and they already have a Secretary and 2 sheriffs.   Anyone else willing to start an assembly can simply follow the straightforward guidelines on the website and Mike is happy to assist always.

*        Peter spoke about the Moreton Bay council using ratepayer funds to purchase 30 licence plate detectors/cameras.  They say they are to find stolen cars which is most likely a guise for tracking because they can sell the data they collect to reposession company etc.  This kind of thing should come under the Privacy Act. 

*        There is a Telegram group called Digital Warriors that is worth checking out and possibly joining.  That is one way of spreading information like the above Moreton Bay situation.

*        Mike wants to get an actual court going so a full practice run will be done instead of the usual meeting on our next date 16th May. Mike’s case will then be first.   Adjudicator will be Sarah Virgin, Registrar Kimbo Bernhardt, Bailiff is Darren, Reporter is Vicki.  We will seek 15 jurors.  The jurors do not have to be members of the assembly and any member of the public is welcome, or can actually be summonsed.   A reminder that we can call upon police to carry out necessary actions if defendant found guilty. 

*        So many articles to assist your education and knowledge on the CIRnow website: https://cirnow.com.au/

*        Special thanks to fellow common law advocate Kevin Annett in Canada who has supplied Mike with a lot of court (and other) information.

*        National Congress of Assemblies was spoken about again.  This will take place when there are enough assemblies nationally to progress to that, but it is the plan for the future.

*        The word ‘register’ came up.  That means ‘take control of’ in terms of our current society.  Common Law RECORDS things, but does not register them.  For example, we will not have vehicle registration plates, but Driver Record Plates instead.  And all information will be in blockchain.  We are lawfully allowed to travel in our vehicle wherever we want, and as such, the car registration system will become null and void under common law,.

*        There is a group called Reignite Democracy, with the NSW chapter previously run by Doris Osman.  She has been speaking with Mike and is set to come over to Common Law to start assemblies.

*        QR Code Stickers.   We will start making these stickers for sticking (surreptitiously) over the current ones we see everywhere.  Then, when they are clicked, it will take the user straight to a special page of explanation on our website.

Mike left the meeting at 3 pm, closing the meeting formally.   Some informal discussion continued with Darren.

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