Minutes of the 7 February 2021 meeting

The Proceedings

  • Mike started the meeting by telling the assembly about his MacLeay Island visit. The attendance at the meeting for a proposed Assembly consisted of almost 30 people on the Friday night. Most people had not heard about common law before, so when they were invited back the following day to sign the charter it was poorly attended. An arrangement was made for the few that were there to attend a Logan Assembly meeting.  The Convenor of the Logan meeting, Sheriff Ben, did a wonderful job.  Time will tell if the MacLeay Island new assembly is convened.
  • Change of name for website.  A big advance for the work done in Australia so far will be a change for the main website that Mike has developed, from ‘commonlawcourtaus’ to ‘commonlaw.earth’, opening the way for further educational opportunities all over the world.  The work on creating separate sections on the new site will be complete in about a month. Roland and Matt will assist Mike in transferring data from the current site to the new.
  • In relation to the website name change is a new logo design, currently under consideration.  Suggestions welcome.
  • The Education Course that is in beta testing is nearly complete.  There will be a fee for doing the course as funds are very much needed.
  • The attack on Mike by John Smith (U.K) was briefly mentioned.  Mike has tried to reach him but has had no response.  Also, people have been reporting they are paying John Smith for merchandies, cards, and certificates they not receiving. 
  • Mike, Brett and Shane will be preparing an Affidavit template based on Mike’s current court experience which will be put up in full on the new website.  This template includes wording accusing officials of treason.  The affidavit letter can be viewed now on current website under Notices.
  •  It is planned for the future to create new vehicle number plates that would show the words Common Law and then the member’s vehicle record number.  The vehicle’s registration would then be under common law jurisdiction.
  • Mick Arnup spoke about his journey that followed non-payment of car registration. The correspondence back and forth, and the content of the letters, was valuable knowledge for those who feel ready for the same fight. 
  • Information is being circulated on the Internet saying that it is illegal to be forced into downloading Covid apps, referring to the Privacy Act Sect 94H.  Mike pointed out that the complete Act is about 400 pages, and although the political party corporate government passed the Privacy Act, it was also immediately repealed. Therefore, quoting the Act to justify refusal to download and use the Covid app is null and void and cannot be used in any of their courts.  However, as nobody reads through that much information, the printed excerpt of the Act still has worthwhile scare value.    Take note that an Act with a letter after the Section number means that it has been amended and therefore should be thoroughly scrutinized.
  • Brett told the story of his non-mask wearing on aircraft.  He gave an enquiring attendant the Disability Discrimination Act, which shows there really is no enforceable authority over mask wearing.
  • Mike feels that CL Assemblies in Australia will soon explode and the aim and the need is for at least 2 million chartered members, which would enable a  CL National Congress to enable the people of the Commonwealth of Australia to decide how we want to be governed.  Assembly governments would be part of the plan. Mike pointed out that the Advance-Australia website is a plan for the future. He urged assembly members to read the 5-Point Plan on the website and then discuss with other members before nationwide common law congresses are called. As Mike pointed out, we need a plan for the future, and the 5-Point Plan is a starting point for discussion.
  • A question was raised abut whether under CL we could take back our assets that have been allowed to be sold off to foreign investors.  The answer is Yes….we can fully nationalize the assets and take them back, with or without compensation, as the assets were seized and sold without the permission of the true owners, the people of the Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Member Mick Arnup gave a talk about the legality of bills that come to us with our name in capital letters.  A query over the meaning of  ‘owner of the property’ in regard to land tax and rates rasied an interesting discussion. 
  • There is a good video on CIR Now titled ‘The New Communitarianism’:
  • A call was made to create teams to go around and take the Covid notices into locally owned businesses.  Teams of 2 or 3 can go anywhere at all. Only a couple of teams were formed.
  • Next meeting 21st February.

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