Attendance:  54 attendees, including 15 Charter Members.

Convener Craig welcomed all present – Heather not available today.  He invited people to visit the Common Law website, or CIR now or Advance Australia websites, for further information at any time about Common Law. 

Secretary Kaye has advised she is unavailable to take Minutes at the next meeting on Saturday, 21 August – Winnie has agreed to take Minutes at this meeting.

Craig asked  people to volunteer to mann our stall at the markets – Beck is organising the roster.

Apologies were received from Convener Heather and Louise, Marcel and Julie. Marcel is our Sheriff and is available for anyone who needs assistance.

Attendees advised they had not seen the Minutes from the meeting of 25 July, 2021 and confirmation of these Minutes was deferred to the next meeting.

Treasurer Gail advised that the amount presently held is $825.65.  

As regarding the possible purchase of a gazebo, flag, banner, etc. Craig advised that the Common Law administrators have designed a series of these items to be available to all Common Law groups – price estimated at $2,000. No further action to be taken at this point while we await further information.

Craig and Jacqui researched the purchase of a whiteboard – Jacqui has found a double-sided

Collapsible whiteboard online for $189. Moved John, seconded Gail, that we proceed to purchase the whiteboard.  Carried.

The Education template on the website is being changed – further information at the next meeting.

At the previous meeting, it was moved that our group give some financial support to anyone with a legal problem relating to the current situation, but no-one has approached the group to date.

In Canada a court case has been held where evidence was upheld that the COVID virus does not exist.  Documentation/evidence will be available for people in other countries to conduct similar action.  Other positive action in relation to common law has taken place in SouthAustralia and also Ireland.  The last Common Law Assembly meeting at Bli Bli was held outside with drumming and whistling and the “boys in blue” left the group to meet peaceably.

Mike Holt from Commonlaw.Earth has received a $1,300 fine and is ready to fight it in court. It was suggested that perhaps a Go Fund Me campaign be instigated to cover legal costs.

Angela advised that the husband of our Health Minister, Janet Young, is involved with companies which stand to gain from the current situation.  Craig confirmed that our Premier’s husband owns Australia’s largest DNA company and also stands to gain from the current situation.

Anne asked for advice about masking for children who will be attending school tomorrow – various suggestions offered.

On 29 June, 2021 changes were made to the Queensland Health Code declaring that the public health emergency was being extended.

In New South Wales pregnant women are being told they have to be vaccinated before they have their baby delivered in hospital.  Perhaps there will be a rise in home births.

With all the various rules, regulations, mandates,etc. Craig called on those present to remain peaceful and stand strong in their convictions.

Janet presented copies of an information sheet from qrtrue.com with QR codes which take anyone to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and he Australian Biosecurity Act Section 60 and Section 61 for presentation to any person/store/department trying to enforce the code.

Craig advised that we are all “strawmen” and suggested that everyone apply for his or her “live” birth certificate – the cost in New South Wales being $41.

As regards the Census scheduled for next Tuesday,10 August, various suggestions were made – provide false details, rip off the  address data and bar code, or non-completion.  Maylin suggested that people put up their “No Trespassing”signs in appropriate areas to dissuade census distributors/collectors from delivering forms.  People should make their own decision and act accordingly. Jacqui advised the matter will be discussed at the Zoom meeting this coming Thursday, at 6.30 pm.

J.P.’s not witnessing Statutory Declarations today,but will do so at the next meeting.

Craig advised that information on writing letters to the Prime Minister or other officers can be found on the Solutions Empowerment site.  There is a cost, $199, for templates for various letters covering various matters, not necessarily Common Law matters.

There have been recent changes to the Bail-In Law with the result that depositors’ funds can be taken by the banks.  John confirmed his account has been “blocked” several times recently when trying to transfer money. Craig suggested that people withdraw their funds from their bank accounts.

There is a list of business owners not complying with the QR code rules on the telegram app. Members encouraged to support these businesses.

Janet advised that in New Zealand and Australia onTuesday, 31 August, people are encouraged to gather at their local council chambers, state parliament house, etc. and stand in silent protest. Craig will ask convener Heather to mention this at the conveners’ meeting tomorrow and discuss whether our group should support this action.

Those present were asked to make a donation to the group to help finance our activities.

Open Question  time:-

 Teressa confirmed her husband in South Australia had received a $1,000 fine from police for not masking and she was advised to have her husband get a letter from his doctor/specialist confirming he would be exempt.

The question of home schooling was raised – are there any resources? Craig will take this up with someone who can assist.

A CDC document has been released confirmed that the COVID testing kit is not valid for this purpose.

Jacqui asked if there were any integrative doctors in Gympie. She also mentioned action by the Australia Project, but Lorraine advised this group has been disbanded. Searches of the U.S. Treasury site appears that we are all worth a considerable amount due to transactions on our birth certificate and that it appears  a form 1522 could be used to recoup this.

Anne advised a friend had recently received a fine under the Public Health Act and asked for advice about how to deal with it. It was suggested she try an Aussie speeding fines site or CIR now.

Gail asked about the Immunisation Register- advised to check with the Solutions Empowerment site.  People to consider where they wish to complete the form or not, check the date for lodgement, and if submitting the form to make sure it is sent by registered mail with signature of addressee required.

Daryl asked about the venue for the meeting and the difficulty of parking. Craig confirmed that most venues require QR coding and Covid Safe Plan,  neither of which are required at the current venue.  However Jacqui will make enquiries at other local halls.

Visitor Bob was encouraged by the people at the meeting and their actions.  He said that what the government fears most is civil disobedience.

Jacqui confirmed she had had success by serving documentation on the local High School principal regarding mask exemption for her children.

Craig closed the open question session, encouraging everyone to not be afraid of the future, stand strong, connect with like-minded people and stay positive.

Meeting closed:  4.15 pm

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