Print Ready Flyers

We provide a variety of bright, attractive flyers in B5 size PDF files to take to your printer. We recommend ordering online at Vistaprint Printing. They are fast, provide excellent quality, and their costs are much lower than many local printers.

Print Ready Flyers

Each flyer has a QR code anyone can point a mobile phone camera at to visit our website. The artwork is in print-ready PDF format. The flyers are designed in B4 size, but you may print them any size you wish.

After you print them, put them on public notice boards, hand them out to people in the street, put them in letterboxes in your neighbourhood. Help spread the word that we do not need to be in chains any more!

(NOTE: It may be an offence in your state to put advertising material of any kind on car windscreens, so please check the laws in your state first. We don’t want you facing a fine!)

Print Ready Artwork for Common Law Cards

CL Business Card

Download the Common Law handout cards in Print-Ready PDF format

When you go to a printer, ask them to put these addresses on the back of the card:

Visit these website for more information – Information about the crimes by the corporate government – The plan for the future when we implement Common Law – Get your perfect Domain name and Hosting
The Bloody Aussie Battler Podcast


A Series of Covid Posters…

Where is the Flu?

What happened to the Flu?

Size: 401KB
We say No!

We say No!

Size: 421KB
Vax passport

Vax passport to travel?

Size: 432KB
Turn off your TV

Turn off your TV

Size: 438KB
Testing for kids party?

Testing before you are allowed to attend a kids party?

Size: 481KB
Testing is not normal

Testing healthy people is not normal!

Take off the Mask!

Take off the Mask!

Mask night out?

You wear a mask for a night out? Used to be a bloke smudged your lippie

Size: 498KB
Masking Children is Child Abuse

Masking Children is Child Abuse

Size: 432KB
A Fart gets through 2 layers of cloth

If a fart can get through 2 layers of cloth, why do you think a mask will stop a virus?

Size: 507KB
The Government killing even one child is too many!

The Government killing even one child is too many!

Size: 419KM
Government is Killing our Kids

The Government is killing our children!

Size: 360KB
Common Sense?

Common Sense? Act like you’ve got some.

Size: 379KB

Have you had enough?

Have you had enough

Have you had enough? flyer

Size: 435KB

Stop the Politicians

stop the politicians flyer

Stop the Politicians flyer

Size: 953KB

No one likes a bully

No one likes a bully flyer

No one likes a bully flyer

Size: 965KB

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