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Why should you record a live birth with the Common Law?

Currently, the only existing record to certify you is a legal fiction which the state has attached to you in the form of a negotiable instrument they trade internationally; this means that you fall under their rules. By recording your live birth with the Common Law Court, you now have an option; you can remain under their statutory system and rules, or stand under the authority and jurisdiction of Common Law.

There is no charge for recording any information here. After filling in the form below you will receive a confirmation email and a certified PDF certificate you can print out any time.

Question: I was born in a country that is not part of the Commonwealth. If I record my live birth can I be deported?

Answer: No. Until the whole country gets back under Common Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitutional government we continue to have two systems of law; the political party Roman/Admiralty law, and our Commonwealth of Australia English Common Law. Your status under the political party system remains the same.

All applicants are reminded that IT IS A CRIME to steal or create a false identity

Q: What is the difference between Common Law of England, and Australian common law?

A: Common Law of England is the traditional and lawful system behind our Westminster parliamentary system, whereas Australian common law is an unlawful construct by the political party corporate government.

Q: I have changed my name. Which name should I put as my Living name?

A: You are recording a Live Birth. So, enter the name you or the baby you are recording will use in your everyday life.

Q. Should I use ALL CAPS to write my name, like the government birth certificate?

A. No. ALL CAPS are used by the Admiralty/Roman Law system to create a dead entity. You are a living, breathing man or woman. Write your name in sentence case, like this: My Name

Q: When registering our live birth why do you only ask for the first and middle names? What about the family name?

A: All birth certificates only record the first and middle names of the baby. The family name is supplied by the parents.

Q: At the end of the form you ask for the full name of the person submitting. Is that the name of the person filling in the form or the child’s name?

A: The person submitting the form. Usually, a child is too young to record its birth.

Q: Is this a lawful birth certificate I can use anywhere?

YES! This is a LAWFUL CLAIM to your own identity. Once you have made your CLAIM OF IDENTITY, you will automatically receive a certified copy of your Common Law Live Birth Certificate. This Certified Birth Certificate is then your copy you can print out for any purposes required under Common Law and Legislative law.​

Q: Why is the certificate sealed with a Registrar’s signature and thumbprint?

Once you have submitted your information you will receive your CERTIFIED Live Birth Certificate with the Notary Stamp and Registrar’s Signature. WITHOUT these 2 devices  as pictured below, this IS NOT a legal document in ANY Common Law Court in Australia

Q: Can somebody else steal my identity by registering a live birth pretending to be me?

IT IS A CRIME to submit a false claim of identity! All applicants are reminded of their lawful obligation to ONLY submit a true and accurate claim of identity or your will be COMMITTING A CRIME AND BREAKING THE LAW.

Q: Does this certificate replace my existing birth certificate?

No. Your Common Law Live Birth Certificate is simply an additional and lawful proof of identity. This document may be used anywhere you are required to provide a certified Birth Certificate.

Q: I made a mistake. Can it be corrected?

YES! Simply click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive when you record your information. Make sure you always retain that email.
(Note: clicking on this link will take you to our associated website. All data from both websites is securely stored in the same central database)

Q: Does this certificate give me any special super powers?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! By recording your Live Birth Certificate you are simply “opting-in” to your Common Law jurisdiction. This is a first step to claiming your rights and freedoms under our common law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901.

Q: What happens to my existing birth certificates?

You keep it! Any existing proof of identity documents currently in your possession remain just that: Yours! This does not replace, remove or change ANY of your existing rights or liberties under the current Roman/Admiralty statutory system and rules.

Please enter your information carefully. If you make a mistake please click on the link in the confirmation email you will receive to Edit your own record. DO NOT make a new record…DO NOT ask us to make any changes for you.

Sample Live Birth Certificate

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