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Fill in the form below to send a notice to Scotty Morrison telling him to order the entire Parliament, Judiciary, Police and Bureaucracy to step down and report to their nearest police station to be incarcerated according to the verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.

This is the text of the message that will be sent to Scotty Morrison as soon as you fill in the form and send it:


Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal and

Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent


It has come to my attention that the Australian Ship of State has been set adrift by the political parties. You and all politicians, police, judiciary and bureaucrats occupy have no authority over the People of the Commonwealth of Australia. You are all sitting in TREASON.

It is My Will as a member of the Commonwealth that you pack your bags and get out of Parliament and out of our lives immediately! Furthermore, you are hereby ordered to obey the verdict and orders of the International Common Law Court of Justice (ICLCJ) which has found you all guilty of numerous heinous crimes against humanity. 

Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 states in Sections 7 and 24 that only We, the People of the Commonwealth, have the power to select our representatives. The political parties have, for many decades, usurped that power and they have selected their own party member representatives instead. In addition, the political parties have illegally forced us to vote for them. This is TREASON and we will not stand for it any longer!

The political parties have since 1960 lied to us, destroyed our manufacturing and primary industries, caused immeasurable harm to the people of Australia, killed thousands of people with the Covid scamdemic, and BETRAYED the trust we all put in you. 

It is My Will that you and all Parliamentarians, Ministers, top police, all judiciary, and bureaucrat chiefs step down immediately and surrender to your nearest police station which has been served with the charges against you. They are so authorised by We, the People of the Commonwealth and the International Common Law Court of Justice, to arrest and detain you for so long as the Court has ordered. 

At the same time it is My Will that you, immediately before surrendering yourselves, disband all political parties, disarm all government employees, and order them to hand over their weapons to our Common Law Sheriffs.

Failure to comply will bring down the Wrath of the People of the Commonwealth upon your head, and that of the other TRAITORS in government employ. Your failure to comply will result in the People arresting you instead.

You have been warned. We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, have spoken. Listen and obey!

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