Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities: Caretakers & Election Officials & Local Community Teams

Reclaim and Restore: The Commonwealth Strategy Paper
28th March 2022


This paper sets out the Roles and Responsibilities of each of the people working together in each electorate.

The system is simple and splits time and effort across the entire team. If each team focuses on their role and completes their tasks quickly and effectively, this strategy can be achieved in a very short time frame.

Before we begin describing the Organizational Chart and Roles & Responsibilities – lets review the Core Objective that all Australians need.

Core Objective

Lawful election to be conducted to provide the opportunity for “The People of the Commonwealth of Australia” (“Crown Subjects”) to elect the members of the House of Representatives (Lower House) and Senate (Upper House) in accordance with The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900 (Imp.) Gazetted on the first day of the first month nineteen hundred and one, so as to, Restore The Original Parliament of The Commonwealth of Australia.


1.  Caretakers Seats Of Parliament of The Commonwealth of Australia:

Lower House (House of Representatives): 3

Upper House (Senate): 1 Caretaker per Seat

Appointment of men or women of good character and good intent to be sworn-in as Commonwealth Officials to perform the duty of “Caretakers” for each of the   abandoned seats of Parliament.

2. Electoral Booth Officials: Ensure Lawful Election Process at each Election Booth

Commonwealth Public Official: 1 per booth.

Appointment of men or women of good character and good intent to be sworn-in as

Commonwealth Officials, Commonwealth Justice of the Peace or Commonwealth Sheriff to perform the duty of “Electoral Booth Officials” for each of the election booth location in the electorate.

3. Election Booth Teams: Lawful and transparent conduct and outcome on Election Day:

A team of community members to work with each Election Booth Official as a team to attend polling booths for the entire election day to observe the A.E.C. staff’s performance, assist voters, ensure the security of the ballot box, count and/or witness count of the votes and reporting.

Organizational Chart

Below is the Overview of the entire Organization

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Caretaker, Election Booth Official & Election Team Relationship

Upper House Caretakers:

  1. identify one Election Booth Official per election booth
  2. Identify Candidates to run for election in their electorate.

Election Booth Officials:

  1. Identify 6-12 people to work with them on their appointed Election booth location

Election Team Members:

1. Work with Election Booth Official on their specific election booth to ensure lawful election process.

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