Rally Tactics

So far, rallies have been tightly controlled by the police. Their tactics have become obvious. The wait to pounce on stragglers or small groups who get separated from the main crowd. Then they swoop in, surround the people and arrest them, often accompanied by violence.

However, our numbers are growing at each rally, and we need to provide leadership to help the crowd peacefully protest while controlling the behaviour of the police.

Clif High, in this video, offers some useful tips to train our Sheriffs and assembly members, so that when we attend rallies we are well organized and able to work together to protect each other.


Equipment needed

Sample of a crowd control bandana
  • A loud drum or whistle for the tactics coordinator
  • A red bandana carried by every member of the assembly attending the rally
  • A large safety pin or strong, slim piece of plastic secreted at the back of each assembly member

Rally Tactics Coordinator

Each assembly is sure to have someone with military training who can act as the rally tactics coordinator. This man or woman should be placed in a high position with a clear view of the crowd and police. They will then direct the crowd’s actions by a pre-arranged set of signals.

In any crowd, patterns emerge. This is particularly true when observing the police because they move in coordinated groups. The tactics coordinator should be trained to recognize these patterns and then direct crowd movement accordingly.

At the same time, assembly members need to conduct regular drill sessions so that they learn to move to signals from the coordinator.

All members should also learn how to get out of plastic ties, and how to deal with police confrontations so as to minimize the danger of arrest. When police horses are involved, the crowd should be ready with pre-learned words and phrases to shout that will make the horses move in directions away from the crowd. While the police riders are struggling to control their horse they cannot manage the crowd.

Every assembly member should take a red bandana and a large safety pin or length of strong, slim plastic with them to a rally. The video explains what they are for and how to use them.