Reclamations and Direct Actions

Sheriff’s Duties to the People and their property

One of the Sheriffs’ primary duties is to ensure a peaceful and lawful transition back to our supreme Common Law Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 through the creation and protection of Sovereign Common Law Assemblies.

This transition involves the active reclamation of vast areas of the Nation and its wealth for all the people and their communities. It is our task to help reclaim the riches stolen from the Commonwealth of Australia by the political parties and sold to foreign interests and corporations.

To establish the Common Law jurisdiction, the old “crown” authority and its institutions must be disestablished and reclaimed by Sheriffs, their Deputies and the Citizens’ Militias under their authority.

The lawful reclamation of the Nation by Sheriffs and the Citizen Militias will be focused on three general aspects:

  • Land reclamations: The seizure of former “crown” and corporate land, uncultivated or waste land, as well as land expropriated from convicted criminal bodies, such as the corporate bodies called the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Australia.
  • Wealth reclamations: Expropriating surplus wealth of banks and corporations, and the assets of convicted criminal organizations, including the Vatican and the Crown of England.
  • Institutional and property reclamations: Occupying and reusing the buildings of the Catholic, Anglican and United Churches, former Commonwealth of Australia government offices, and the property of other convicted criminal bodies.

The job of Sheriffs and the Militias is to ensure that these reclamations occur peacefully and orderly, with the aim of sharing the reclaimed land, assets and property with the people.

Land reclamations will be accompanied by the establishment on the recovered land of farms and rural communities open to all people in need and with the necessary skills.

It is important to place these reclamations in the broader context of the reclaiming of political and legal authority in the former “Australia”. All former agents of “Australia” have been and will be ordered to stand down from their offices, especially the AFP, all politicians, judges, and senior civil servants, since all of those authorities have been abolished by the re-establishment of the Australian Commonwealth and its jurisdiction.

The military, police and civil servants, on the other hand, will all be required to take a new Oath of Allegiance to the Commonwealth of Australia, and will be subsequently incorporated into the new government machinery, including local Militias and the Commonwealth of Australia government at every level.

Knowing this, Sheriffs and the Militias are obligated at all times and during the reclamations to work with and not against former police and military personnel, using their professional expertise and knowledge, provided they are not working against the Commonwealth of Australia. The ultimate responsibility for all reclamations and direct actions lies with the Commonwealth of Australia government of the people, its courts and its local Assemblies.

Arrests and Imprisonments, and the Use of Force

Sheriffs and their Deputies must be fully qualified and trained in the judicious use of force, to arrest and imprison suspected and convicted criminals, as well as enemies of the Commonwealth.

All Sheriffs will be armed with protective equipment and weaponry. Their powers of arrest and detainment are governed by Common Law court warrants and powers granted to them by the same courts.

As individuals, Sheriffs must be routinely monitored and assessed to make sure that they remain stable and are not prone to overstepping their powers. They remain directly accountable to the people, through the common law assemblies.

Since policing will increasingly become the responsibility of all the people, prisons and repressive actions will become less necessary, especially as the Commonwealth’s laws that redistribute wealth will eliminate poverty and the social causes of most crimes.

Deputizing Powers and Procedures

All accredited Sheriffs have the power to deputize any man or woman sixteen years or older as a Common Law peace officer, including former crown agents and police of the old regime. Every new deputy must take the Oath of Allegiance required of all officers of the Commonwealth. Deputies are under the direct authority of the local Sheriff and the Peoples’ Assembly and will undergo the annual Fitness Inspection and Evaluation required of all Sheriffs.