Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly Sunday 12th September 2021

Meeting commenced at 1.30 with Vicki and Wayne, discussing the upcoming rally on 18th September, providing Treasurer’s Report, and taking general questions before Mike was able to join.

When Mike arrived he handed out his letter that has been designed to remind Chief Justice Allsop that he (as are all Australians)  is bound by Section 5 of our Constitution. The letter also requests that he remind all judges and magistrates under his command that they must obey our Constitution and start dispensing justice according to the law. We all need to download the letter:, edit in your own details, and then send it by email and by Registered Mail to him. This campaign is also being sent out by The Australia Project members. Justice Allsop needs to be reminded that We the People of the Commonwealth employ him and the entire Judicial System, and it is their duty to do their jobs lawfully.
Remember to do square brackets [  ]  and word your name as:  Bill John: Smith, remember to put I, name, a man / woman etc. and address (fake if you wish).  You can also put your thumbprint in red (remember to use tissue first) to make it more authentic. 

A member raised the question of mandatory vaccination in the workplace.   Mike suggested getting WorkSafe involved and also you have the option of just staying at home and letting them go through the process of sacking you, which could take some time.   If we don’t ALL take a stand on this, there is the chance they can win.  Make it like a strike against the government mandate.    Another tactic is to go to your doctor to get a certificate saying you are unable to work because of stress.  Make your doctor take some responsibility.    Write lots of letters demanding scientific answers to difficult questions and get everything in writing.  Every letter represents 10 people in a community.

Mike told assembly that now that we have the big red gazebo, he and a team will be taking it around to different places each weekend.  Of course, next Saturday 18th will be the first of these types of events.

Mike reported on a meeting he went to of mixed communities that provide products, business models, etc.  The U.K. has sent files.  The way forward to wipe out debt is definitely coming and there will be ways to make money going forward.  There are several social projects that are keen to work with us.   There are also groups of like-minded souls popping up everywhere, which is better than one huge group in fact.

Mike has spoken to Riccardo Bosi who is still held up in NSW.  It’s possible that Riccardo may not now be running for parliament.  We still hope to have him come to speak with us some time as he is willing to do it.

A question was raised about our Defence Forces being jabbed, that is “when all the defence forces are jabbed, what defence are we left with?” 

Mike made mention of parliamentarian Jacqui Lambie, who asked for proof regarding a statement Mike made on CIR Now.  He sent her the documents to prove the statement but she has never replied.

Mike has been talking to Queensland Vietnam Veterans regarding marching with us on Saturday 18th . They are generally not interested in us as a group because they say it is political. Mike wrote to them and reminded them that they swore an oath in 1973 to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and that oath still stands.  He did not get a reply. However, there will be a few veterans we hope will be marching with us.  If anyone knows any veterans, please ask them to be part of it next Saturday, with us.   We would like to have flags to march with, preferably put on a bamboo pole.  As an aside……our red flag should have 6 points, but is still valid with 7.

In regard to lockdowns.  Handle it this way to break the system:  Accept a fine with no worry whatsoever.  Then download, complete and send the Cease and Desist letter from our website/facilitate/Covid downloads, adding the infringement notice number.  Elect to go to court.  You will probably not hear back from them.

A new phone app called Zello PPT Walkie Talkie was mentioned, which could be used to organise groups of people to stand up against lockdowns. Available from Google Play Store. Please join it.

There was some general discussion about the aggressive and rude behaviour of business owners in regard to masks and CovidSafe app.  So many of us have just had enough of it.  Vicki mentioned the possibility of going to the Qld Police website where you can start a case concerning law breaking insistence of these ‘regulations’.  Use it to try to block the system even more.    More importantly we need to start going in groups to these Stassi like individual store owners.  It was suggested that we start with a restaurant in Maroochydore called Rolled.  A group is now organised to visit that business on Thursday evening. Other members also had stories, so we will start with Rolled.   Thanks to those who have volunteered.   

On the same subject, assembly was reminded that we passed the Sunshine Coast ByLaw for local businesses.  Please download the pack and get it to your local business owners (big chains are often not worth the effort in trying to overcome the overall dictate).  Email them additionally.  The business pack is also on website under Facilitate/Covid Downloads.

Please note that the Bloody Aussie Battler podcasts will be on Bitchute from now on as YouTube are censoring nearly everything.

Should we advise someone that we are recording them?  If we are in a public area you are able to film anywhere you can see yourself.    The law on filming individuals is murky so it is best to advise that you are doing so, especially if you are wearing a mini cam.

Big news.  Mike will take Queensland Premier Palaszczuk and CHO Jeanette Young to court!   He will prepare a charge sheet that MUST be accepted.  Mike knows they will want to reject it but he will send in a letter first so that they know the laws that they are breaking. We all need to start taking these people to court.   Once the petition is filed into the legal system and ready for hearing, everything they are doing has to stop.  You cannot go against it whilst it is in court and whilst there is no decision yet from the court, they cannot bring in all the covid restrictions.   So then we can take notices around explaining that they cannot instigate the restrictions because it is in the court process.   We can use their system against them.  There are other such Federal court cases proceeding now in other states. If anyone else wants to do the same thing they will receive help from Mike.  If the accused individuals try to ignore it (which is likely) they are then definitely breaking the law and a penalty is  17 years in prison and a fine of $115,000 a day can be imposed.

Let us all not forget that when Trump takes over once more, other things will start to flow.

A quick catch up on Mike’s current case.  The Federal Prosecutor in Victoria has been reminded that they have no jurisdiction over him in Queensland and he has requested that they cease harassing him, but they say they are still going ahead.

Please could all members make sure they sign the charter.  You can read all about it on the website before lodging it (thus making you an official member with voting rights).  Go to our website : Assembly Charter.   Those who are chartered members will now receive a Common Law I.D. card.  Do not panic about the “….to the death” part, just keep in mind really if someone broke into your home wanting to steal your child, would you fight to the death then?

We are still looking for volunteers as Sheriff.  Anyone volunteering for this position needs to be strong enough to deal with difficult situations and keep the peace.  They must be trained to subdue people with only just the right amount of force.   The website has a lot of information about what is involved in becoming a sheriff and on Tuesday nights there is a training zoom meeting (see website main page, scroll straight down to zoom links).  Our past S.C. Assembly Sheriff Ryle is now in New Zealand and will be starting an assembly.   Please keep talking to people about Common Law, and recruiting at the same time.  We will definitely be recruiting and educating next Saturday 28th in Brisbane.  As we grow and get more donations, the more we can then advertise and get yet more in our assemblies.  Mike would like to buy some drones and fly them around with information hanging from them. 

There is another Freedom type rally at Cotton Tree Park on weekend 25/26.  We will take the gazebo there and possibly have a barbeque, with Sheriff Wayne to assist.

We have enquiries about setting up assemblies at Nanango and Kingaroy   The red gazebo will be useful in advertising common law at all these places.  It’s a step by step process, starting with each one of us. 

A member asked if QMS was compatible with common law.  Mike has looked into mildly and feels it is one piece of the puzzle whereas common law is offering all pieces to complete the puzzle.  QMS may not be able to solve our problems and we can support some of their activities.  Power of the people UPWARDS is essential. 

The government has stolen all our land, our riches, minerals in the land, farmland, manufacturing.  All of it.  In fact they have stolen the whole continent.    Now we are up against a wall we are starting to fight back.  We are ready to fight.    We fight the smart way, not fight physically and personally.  The police are now worried about their own jobs, but when enough people revert, so will they.    They have lost their pensions but do not know it yet.  With common law in place there will be more pensions, no taxes except company tax., as well as dividends distributed to all.  No dole because there will be too many opportunities.  Civil and military service will come back.  It won’t be compulsory at first but everyone should give something back to the country, and any equipment the services need must be manufactured in Australia.  

Mike spoke about the spiritual side of what we are doing.  How the universe provides for us and drives everything.   There is so much out there that we are unaware of.  We are all inherently proud to be Australians and we need to develop all parts of ourselves.  Mike may be doing a special meditation course called Whole Mind Meditation, which includes distance healing and psychic abilities.   We need to develop mind, body and spirit right now.  

The Gold Coast assembly is being revived.  Logan has had a problem with sheriffs.  Brisbane assembly also being re-invented with the help of Sam who would like to see it working properly.

Many groups invent declarations which is not a bad thing at all, but in the long run it doesn’t actually DO anything.  We must stay right on track and DO, keeping in mind the end result we want for our country and the planet. The only way to a beautiful future is with people power.

The meeting concluded at 3.30pm

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    • Hamish MacGregor on February 15, 2022 at 7:06 pm
    • Reply

    Love this . .. wish we where closer .. we are in Bundaberg assembly read your minutes all the time .

    Sadly I don’t agree about Bossi .. a communist through and through he is the same as Gough Whitlam the same policy
    . I have had a few words with him before

    1. After meeting him in Canberra I have to agree Hamish.

    • Rene Chambers on March 26, 2022 at 5:02 am
    • Reply

    I wish to become a member? Also there is a Brilliant man by the name of Mark krison Christopher he is a federal supreme court judge and a valueable resource for our common cause, he has exception knowledge on all laws and the language of law, i highly recommend he be approached for advice on any legal matters , I have tried to contact him leaving him myself messages and sending him a sos for his help as yet no reply but i wont give up thank you all for what your doing, i will continue to supportby any means possible again thankyou keep up the great work your doing!

    1. If he hasn’t responded then he’s obviously not interested. People must come to assemblies of their own volition.

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