Sunshine Coast Common Law Assembly Sunday 21st November 2021

Held at Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Mike Holt, Convener

Meeting commenced at 1.30pm with introduction for beginners

Main meeting commenced at 2pm

Mike started by reading important parts of the 1901 Constitution.  Our Constitution IS our Common Law.   The laws of the Commonwealth prevail.  Changes to our constitution can only be done via a referendum by we, the people. 

Please read the Assembly Constitution and sign the charter so that our Assembly has the maximum amount of members able to vote, run a court, elect Sheriffs and convene Common Law Courts.  

Mike then went through some of the history on how our constitution was changed and how changes were made unlawfully.  Do not voting because this continues to give them authority to continue to make unlawful changes. 

Over 12 months ago now, this assembly voted on the passing of a By-Law to discontinue the current covid bans.  That was legal.  The business pack for that is still available. 

Mike reviewed some of the actions our assembly members have taken so far in quiet demonstrations or standing against unlawful covid restrictions.    We are doing to form a group that will visit Town Halls to state our lawful case.  We have been pushed far enough.  We want huge numbers to join with us. 

No jab, no job?  Do NOT leave.  Make them sack you and then we can take the employer to court.

There are new Facebook Pages emerging now for business that will not be insisting on proof of vaccination. We need to know these places and give them our business. 

Assembly posed a question regarding what a mandate is.  It is not law and you do not have to obey. Section 51 (23a) of the constitution protects us.  Stand your ground.  We know it now, and they know it.

We are now setting up a new system to see into the new earth and we will be explaining more and more about this.

Mike spent 2 days with tribal elders, listening and talking.  The indigenous people truly believe in common law (the law of the land) and will be immersing themselves more in the common law process. 

After 17th December just carry on as usual.  The people telling you what you have to do, do not have the true law on their side.  They have no authority over you.    

Mike read a section of the Public Health Act in regarding to who can give orders and how to interpret the orders that are current.  A Public Health Order must name an individual.  There are so many anomalies. 

Always elect to go to court if you get a covid fine. You will win. Queensland is still protected by all the laws that were in effect during Federation.  We are luckier than the other states. 

Mike read through the five point plan for a new country which can ben found on the website    The QNS app for voting is a new blockchain system and it is ready to go.  It is OUR job to make the laws. 

Our Common Law Assemblies are our government.  We can run a court anywhere.  It does not have to be in a set location. 

A long question and answer time ensued.

Peter, a military man, addressed the assembly again.  He did so approximately 6 months ago.  This was a long talk and all of it cannot be included in the minutes.

Next Saturday is the Freedom Fest at Cotton Tree Park.  We can always use more volunteers.  Then, on 12th December we have our Christmas lunch at Golden Beach commencing around 11.30am.  RSVP by 6th December.  You can book on the website ( and pay via paypal.

The meeting concluded at 3.30 pm. 

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