Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly Sunday 10th October 2021

Sunshine Coat Common Law Assembly

Minutes of Meeting

Sunday 10th October 2021

Held at Fusion Centre, 176 Ballinger Road, Buderim

Wayne Pevitt, Convener

Meeting opened at 1.30 with Wayne explaining that Mike was visiting the Brisbane assembly.

Mention was made of the Melbourne issues regarding the U.N. within the police and the absolute thuggery within that almost robocop like Force.

Wayne brought us up to date on Mike’s case against the state of Queensland. Here is Mike’s latest report:   

“On September 20th, 2021, I filed a case in the Federal Court (Brisbane) against QUEENSLAND (the government) charging them with TREASON and Crimes against Humanity, among other things.

Since then, I called up the Court Registrar three times, but received no response to my inquiry when I would receive the signed, sealed indictment.

In response, I posted a video on 7 October asking people to call the court to demand that the case be dealt with immediately. 

The court receptionist was inundated with calls, and this elicited an immediate response from the court registrar. He has rejected my attempt to bring the Queensland Government to court to answer for their many crimes against the people. 

I have posted the story here:    “

Wayne gave a report on the events at Nanango and Hervey Bay that he and Mike attended successfully with the new marquee.  There was a lot of interest there, especially from teachers and health workers and many new members willing to take on roles were collected.   Our Sheriff Dave has now offered a trailer that will enable us to pack the marque and other equipment in and drive around to all the events that will give an opening.  Our focus is on education.   We need to raise some money to help with the high costs of travelling around Queensland to events or markets in order to spread the word about Common Law and adhere to our education principles and goals.  We will have a special bucket just for that, apart from our normal donation container, at assemblies.  We will have a special barbeque prior to next assembly to try to raise $700 to get the trailer set up.

Kingaroy and Maryborough will be next to visit as we already have interested people in those places.  We want to spread the word everywhere.

We are not following through right now with the setting up of a court because there are so many more urgent and critical situations to deal with, but we will be returning to this project soon.  We need volunteers for the positions of registrar, bailiff, reporter and seek names.  We will be asking at next assembly.

We also need more people to be on teams for attending events.  A handful of faithful volunteers cannot do it alone.  

The Marburg Virus was mentioned and the fact that the symptoms are so similar to those caused by the vax.  There is no end to the evil being launched at us.

Wayne talked about how he started all kinds of investigations more than twenty years ago.  Back then it was about fluoride, chemtrails etc.   Unfortunately now we are being held back from winning by those who so sheepishly comply and we so desperately need the police on our side.  In the meantime it seems the government will only give us just enough to basically survive.  We must win.  Suggested watching : Nations in Action (youtube and bitchute) and Maria Zack.   

There is so very much information on our website, all the latest always, so please keep watching for updates and make sure you share the site with others:

Member queried whether there is a Share capability on our website.  Wayne advised that that is being looked at right now and will be sorted.

Query about using Zello as an emergency communication tool.  It will be investigated further because at some stage there is a high probability that all apps will go down.  Perhaps Signal is a little safer than Telegram.  Thee is also talk of people knowing that 9 am outside local library is an action to be kept in mind.  It will work if enough know about the plan.

General Q and A and discussions followed including the hot topic of the jab.  Why worry about a job if you are going to die in a few years – not worth the risk.  Why are they getting the jab in order to travel.  Encourage people to wait until they DO want to travel. 

 How do we share information?  Be LOUD, not quiet.  Tell people to research and give some good sites, especially family.  Help getting their research going if they will let you.  Putting a sign up outside your house can have huge impact and it has been done, with a simple statement. Wayne shared stories about the reactions and success he has had because of his truck and its signage. Wayne was topped recently by a lady who is going to produce a new magazine, wondering what his signage was all about and she will be doing an article on it shortly.   We will contribute for an ad to go with it.  Non mainstream media is the only way forward. 

In a conversation about the current crisis, even an argument,  psychologically having the very last word has a lasting impact.  Leave it all with a simple and poignant statement.

Member asked what to say to police about common law.  What do we do if we find ourselves in a new lockdown. Can we actually turn to common law?  Unfortunately the police in their current mindset take no notice whatsoever of any Acts we can recite.  The solution remains solely in NUMBERS.  All we can do is understand common law and what it is capable of so there is underlying cohesion through that knowledge.  In the meantime stay right away from places that give you a hard time.  Spread the word about places that will not hassle anyone over masks or codes. 

Member spent 8 hours in a police cell because he was not wearing a mask and also got a $540 fine.  Police are intimidating and will get you if they want, one way or another.  Look at what they did to Aussie Cossack.  But remember, ALWAYS GO TO COURT instead of meekly paying the illegal fine.  If we ALL do that the sheer numbers on the court lists will crash the whole system.  We will get the numbers to support you in court. Have the courage to go to court.  You can start going to local courthouses to sit in on cases and become familiar with the place and the system.  Learn by experience.  DO IT and stand up. 

 Always say “I am compliant under duress” if stopped by police. Don’t refuse to give your details or you will be arrested.  We are now in their territory because they currently have control. Because the police force is a private corporation they do not have to comply with our constitution and herein lies our dilemma.

Regarding current media, we are not being told probably about 95% of what is going on.  New language is emerging that is powerful, e.g. ‘purebloods’.

 Mention was made of the policewoman who is leaving the force and who appeared on Rebel News. 

Suggested to follow:

Next meeting is on Sunday October 24th when it will be a barbeque fundraiser for the trailer.  We meet at our usual place for an undercover social barbeque.  Chat and eat some of Wayne’s amazing creations.  

Meeting closed at 1.30 pm

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