Supreme Court Filing December 15, 2021

The True Crown Coat of Arms

Background: I, Michael Thomas Holt, filed a case in the Queensland Supreme Court on November 3. The judge considered my filing but advised me to return after adding a “cause of action” to the case. I have now done that with this filing, which I have sent to the Supreme Court by mail. I await the Registrar’s approval to convene a court to try the case.

The True and Lawful Crown Seal

Unlike the other States, in Queensland it is possible to use the laws in place at the time of Federation.

Queensland is unique among the States insofar as its Supreme Court by S 11 Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991 saves all the laws in force in Queensland, declared in the Supreme Court Act 1867, and has not used S 9 Australia Act 1986, to create a Star Chamber Court staffed by quasi-Priests, whose allegiance is to the State and not the Commonwealth Crown as required by law.

As a result, my filing will now force the State of Queensland to address the fact that the Great Seal of the Commonwealth may have been misused. And if the Court finds this is so, the entire Commonwealth may have to return to its Common Law Roots.

If the Supreme Court accepts the original filing, which was to judicially review the failure by the Federal Court of Australia to do its sworn duty to the Sovereign, and judicially review the Covid vaccine mandate, the people of Australia will get back their God-given right to justice under the Constitution.

This is the amended Affidavit I am filing. It has been sighted, signed and sealed by a Justice of the Peace before filing with the Supreme Court:

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