What is Common
Law and how can it
work for you?

It is the body of law decided on by a community to govern themselves and to ensure all people can gain a remedy for any wrong done against them.

What is Common Law?

Put simply, Common Law, or the Law of the Land, has been used to govern and keep the peace in communities ever since mankind gathered together for their mutual protection. It is the body of law decided on by a community to govern themselves and to ensure all people can gain a remedy for any wrong done against them.

Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law.

The two guiding principles of Common Law:
1. Do no harm
2. Take responsibility for our own actions

Note: Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is our supreme common law.

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How do you stand in Common Law?

The first step is to declare your right standing in Common Law is by signing a charter . Once you receive your Charter, you can take it to your local assembly. Doing this simply confirms that you are a living, flesh and blood man or woman. You always have been. But to declare who you are effectively begins the process of moving away from  the corporatized system that has taken control of so many facets of your life, that is now infringing on your inalienable rights. Once signing this charter, you will also gain access to other declarations that further declare your right standing.

Living in Common Law is a state of mind. You cannot change your status by begging the Corporate system to release you, or by registering pieces of paper with the corporate government proclaiming you are reclaiming your Rights. They don’t care, and they will ignore your claims anyway. You are born with your inalienable Rights. You lose them when you agree to let others determine your Rights for you. When you refuse to allow anyone to override your rights, only then are you living free. 

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What this website offers:


We provide educational materials, videos, and courses to help people learn and comprehend how common law works.

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Each Common Law Assembly is tasked to educate people about common law and how to implement it in our daily lives. They elect an Education committee to provide training and tools, and provide qualified people for positions in their local and national teams.


We provide the tools you need to help you start common law assemblies, download documents, and record membership.

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Assemblies will create and run their own common law Sheriff and Court departments using the tools supplied by this website. Sheriffs are trained to Protect their community, and to carry out the decisions of the common law courts, including arresting convicted criminals.


We provide assembly meetings to empower people to regain their rights, and take responsibility for their lives

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Each Assembly elects an Administrative team, and in the near future, representatives to attend national Congresses to discuss and decide the future of our country, and to hold elections to a Parliament of the people, by the people, for the people. No more political parties!

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CL Courts

This website contains free educational information, much of which is gleaned from Kevin Annett's work. 

We are proud to acknowledge the many contributions Kevin 
has made to our work to educate, facilitate and activate 
common law in Australia and New Zealand. His encouragement and inspiration has helped us build a  fast growing network of common law communities that are empowering people.
Any information supplied by Kevin and reproduced here is made available for free. We buy his book and then resell it here.