How to Stop the Director’s ID

The following is the discussion about how to stop the Director’s ID between Peter Gargan and Mike Holt.

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Peter. How are you?

Yeah, good morning Mr. Holt. How are you?

I’m very good. Just for the record for our listeners, you are Peter Gargan, and you have Extensive knowledge of law even though you’re not a lawyer. You did study for the bar and you decided not to take the exam. Can you tell us why?

Yes. Quite frankly, what I had learned about the legal system and the lawyers was so radical that the lawyers said, we’re not going to let you join us. Don’t bother. And I said that’s fair enough. But it doesn’t mean to say that what I’m saying is wrong. It’s just that you want to become like an ostrich and stick your head in the sand. Sooner or later, your pigeons are going to come home to roost, and that’s probably about to happen.

I think so too. 

First of all, I was in New South Wales at the time, and the New South Wales Supreme Court was given power in 1970 to overrule by rules of court any prior inconsistent act. And New South Wales has not had a proper Supreme Court ever since because rules of court can’t overrule the constitution, and that’s what they’ve done.

They have not done it just once or twice. They keep doing it all the time.

No. It’s a consistent thing in New South Wales in particular, but all states basically have done that now.

There’s been some other naughty things have been done. One very naughty thing was done by Bob Hawke in 1984 when he unilaterally repealed Queen Victoria’s letters patent of 1900. Now in queen Victoria’s letters patent of 1900, any judge or magistrate that misbehaved on the bench could simply be reported to the Governor General and removed.

Now, this has given them the belief that they’re absolutely above the law bulletproof, and can only be removed by an address to Parliament. This is, the deal that we did in 1900. It was to make them accountable if they do the wrong thing and they’ve been doing the wrong thing consistently since 1970 in New South Wales, 1986 in Victoria, 1991 in Queensland, 1927 in South Australia.

In Western  Australia , they’re a bit of a mess too.

Yeah, we noticed that. . .  They are called public servants for a reason. A lot of people believe that the Constitution is there to protect us. It is to a certain degree, but it’s actually a set of rules for the government to act by… they must obey those rules.

And so, it’s really a contract between we the people and the representatives that we elect, to make them behave in the way that we want. Would you agree that’s a pretty good definite?

That’s exactly right. There’s one thing that they’ve done with the Australian constitution that is wrong and they haven’t taken account of, which is the condition in the schedule to the constitution, which means that every public servant’s gotta swear allegiance to the crown. And the crown itself has to take an oath of allegiance to almighty god, and that’s the Coronation Oath of 1688 of the United Kingdom.

III. Form of Oath and Administration thereof.

The Arch-Bishop or Bishop shall say,

Will You solemnely Promise and Sweare to Governe the People of this Kingdome of England and the Dominions thereto belonging according to the Statutes in Parlyament Agreed on and the Laws and Customs of the same?The King and Queene shall say,I solemnly Promise soe to doe.Arch Bishop or Bishop,Will You to Your power cause Law and Justice in Mercy to be Executed in all Your Judgements.King and Queene,I will.

Arch Bishop or Bishop.

Will You to the utmost of Your power Maintaine the Laws of God the true Profession of the Gospell and the Protestant Reformed Religion Established by Law? And will You Preserve unto the Bishops and Clergy of this Realme and to the Churches committed to their Charge all such Rights and Priviledges as by Law doe or shall appertaine unto them or any of them.King and Queene.All this I Promise to doe.After this the King and Queene laying His and Her Hand upon the Holy Gospells, shall say,King and QueeneThe things which I have here before promised I will performe and Keepe Soe help me God.Then the King and Queene shall kisse the Booke.

IV. Oath to be administered to all future Kings and Queens.

¶And bee it further Enacted That the said Oath shall be in like manner Administred to every King or Queene who shall Succeede to the Imperiall Crowne of this Realme at their respective Coronations by one of the Archbishops or Bishops of this Realme of England for the time being to be thereunto appointed by such King or Queene respectively and in the Presence of all Persons that shall be Attending Assisting or otherwise present at such their respective Coronations Any Law Statute or Usage to the contrary notwithstanding.

And that in effect is the English constitution, which lawyers say they don’t have, and this is the great deception; it is that the English don’t have a constitution. They do have, it’s in the coronation oath 1688. And sneaky politicians in every state have past Imperial Acts, the application acts, or similar.

Left it out. Yeah. Now that is one of the foundation documents of the English way of life. The English themselves have disregarded and Elizabeth didn’t do it properly. She actually let us down, unfortunately. And Bonnie Prince Charlie is going to have to take that oath if he wants to sit on the throne.

So we’ll see what happens with that. 

Okay. So, this begs the question, the government now is pushing this social credit system and it’ll be the same as the Chinese model, which is just horrendous. But now they’re bringing out this director’s ID. Talk about that and tell us what we can do to put a stop to this rubbish.

The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights is actually a paraphrase of the New Testament of the Bible now that’s been incorporated into two very powerful Acts of the Parliament. of the Commonwealth, namely 2:68, 12 and 20 of the Criminal Code Act 1995. Now, these two sections carry a penalty of 17 years imprisonment.

Now that’s$233,000 penalty, and the Crimes Act 1914 says anyone can collect. So, the boys are going to have to be a little bit careful that they don’t infringe that with their personal ID and social credit ideas, because they’re not compatible with those two sections.

And we don’t have any police that’ll do their job in Australia at the moment. They’re basically, Commercial agents for the state government, and their main job, apparently, is to collect people who don’t pay their rego or drive a little bit faster than usual, they are really revenue raisers.

That’s their major job. And they say they’re keeping us safe, butreally, what they’re doing is actually trying to keep the population in terror. And they do stitch people up. They have been stitching people up for a long time.

And particularly in one place that I spent quite a large part of my life in, they’d teamed up with the biker gangs to run the marijuana. Of course, if they found someone competing with them, they’d stitch ’em up and lock ’em up for a couple of years, get ’em bashed in jail, and really remove any incentive for them to continue to interfere in the marijuana business.

And it was big business.

Oh yes. And it still is, I believe, and so is the other drug business, but that’s digressing. What are we doing to put a stop to all of this nonsense, Peter? I believe we’ve got some court cases going.

Yes. We have some court cases going, we’ve got one in South Australia where the magistrate over there was absolutely out of order. He was asked to apply the Kable Principle, which says that S.79 of the Constitution is law in Australia. And that section means that no judge or magistrate can sit without a jury in any matter involving an Australian, and they’re doing it and they’re saying that doesn’t apply in our court. It’s not their court.

It’s ours. And they’ve gotta start realizing that now this is going to the court to appeal to the Supreme Court in South Australia. This particular one, there’s another one in New South Wales that is absolutely a disgrace. A woman was violently raped and had a couple of teeth knocked out and blinded in one eye, hospitalized.

She was examined by a doctor who certified that she’d been assaulted and raped and the police in New South Wales have charged her with making a false complaint and attempting to pervert justice, and they locked her up for eight and half months. So, she’s got a pretty serious claim against the state of New South Wales, and it could be as much as a couple hundred million dollars. So, we’ll see what happens with that.

Wow. I wanna point out, as you can see here from behind me I’m a staunch supporter and advocate for our human rights and our rights and freedoms under common law. And so a lot of people say to me if you are for common law, why are you going into their courts? It doesn’t matter if we’re going into their courts, because there is a way to turn those courts into a common law court. Is that correct? 

Section 80 of the judiciary Act 1,903 says Common law to govern.


So, all the courts are obliged by Section five. Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900, which says, this act are all laws made by the parliament of the Commonwealth shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every state, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any state right now, our first governor General, when he got his Queen Victoria’s Letters Patent, they took him aside and probably persuaded him or put him very drunk and he didn’t exercise the instructions that Queen Victoria gave him. He left the state governors in place instead of appointing deputies of himself there appointing deputies at all parts of the Commonwealth. And after 1984 when Bob Hawk sabotaged that particular instruction, the Governor General stopped appointing deputies, if he ever did.

Judges and magistrates who act in the name of the Queen. But one of the key parts of that instruction is that he was instructed to appoint justices of the peace to act for the queen. Now, many justices are quite aware of they are acting for the sovereign, and consequently, when they sign off on an uncontested Commercial invoice, it becomes a judgment and can be registered in the personal property security register (PPSR). And this was made clear by a fellow from Western Australia called Scott Bartle. And he pointed that out in a video. And that video should be watched by anyone who wants to understand how the common law works.

(Watch the video, Frequently Unanswered Questions: )

Because this has an end run on it. You don’t have to go to court.

No, I’m actually employing that strategy right now with your advice and help. I have invoiced somebody who has transgressed the law against me. She ignored that after I gave her 28 days to respond.

So, I sent her a reminder letter. She ignored that after 28 days.

Then I went down to the courthouse with an affidavit stating the laws that she had broken, and I asked two JPs to sign it, which then made it a lawful court financial instrument, correct?

That’s right, yes.

Yep. So then, I filed it with her.

I tried to put it on the PPSR, but I couldn’t work it out. However, it doesn’t have to be on there. As long as she’s been served with it, then it becomes a lawful demand. So, the other day I went down to the Supreme Court and I filed it with the Supreme Court as a civil case.

And the Supreme Court said, yes, we’ll accept this. I paid my fee and I’m about to serve this on this lady, and gee, she’s going to have a terrible Christmas because, yeah.

It is a great deal of pleasure to give someone who thoroughly deserves it a hard time. Queensland in particular has the best laws in Australia. It’s just that we’ve got lawyers that don’t know what they are, and will not use them. I once heard the judiciary described as a tube of toothpaste. The tube of toothpaste is full of lawyers and they squeeze it and a little bit comes out the top.

So, they cut a bit off and put it on the bench. And that’s the judge or the magistrate. That was told to me by a very successful businessman. And that’s to a certain extent true. But Queensland’s got sections 42 and 43 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1954, which gives you the absolute right to go and enforce a breach of statute law.

Now, when a judge or magistrate sits without a jury, he actually breaches Statute law Section 79 of the Constitution, and then that activates section 43 of the Crimes Act 1914, which was to ensure the integrity of the judiciary and the judicial system, and Section 42 is conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in respect for the judicial power of the Commonwealth.

And Section 43 is attempting to pervert the course of justice in respect the judicial power of the Commonwealth. Section 44 says, if you know about this and don’t do something about it, you can pay three years in jail. So, it’s a bit of a scary situation, but lawyers do not want to know about it.   It doesn’t matter because we have under that, we have an obligation to do something about it…. And we are!

 That’s right.

And we’re authorized by the Crimes Act 1914 in Section 13 to lodge an indictment. And it can be an ex officio indictment because an ex officio indictment is an indictment without a committal proceeding. Now, the Attorney General has been given power in Section 71 A of the Judiciary Act 1,903, which was passed in 1915, to lodge ex officio indictments in either the high court or the federal court of Australia.

Who is he? He is simply another person that puts his pants on one leg at a time or puts her skirt on the same as any other lady. And because it states in section 13 of the Crimes Act 1914, that each individual may delegate our power to our member of Parliament to go and sit in parliament and act for us.

Now Section 34 AB of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901, Commonwealth Law, states that even though you’ve delegated your power to a member of parliament, you still have the power to exercise the power that you’ve delegated.

That’s correct. We don’t give our power away. We delegate it for them to represent us, but we still keep that power.

We still got that power. Yes. And this is something that more and more people are starting to wake up to.  There were over a million people demonstrating in Canberra against Covid Lockdowns. I think it was actually two and a half.

I don’t know how many it was, but it was huge.

It was, I was there.

Yeah, people from all over Australia went there. Yeah. Even someone from just down the road. And this is, it’s about 500 kilometers from Canberra, so it was quite an effort. People made effort from all over.

Now, the Parliament didn’t take too much notice of that. They changed the government, but I don’t think they’ve changed the government very much at all because we’ve got Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber. 

They sent their goons out to irradiate us. I was hit with a sonic gun, which just really upset my stomach. I’m sitting there going, what’s wrong with my stomach all of a sudden. I was fine as I marched towards Parliament House, but as soon as I got there, I saw this sonic gun on the roof of the Parliament House aimed at me. And I felt so I had to leave. So, I was only there for about half an hour and I just kept trying to overcome this nausea. I couldn’t overcome it, so I had to leave. They’re just dogs for doing that, attacking the Australian people. How dare they!

That’s right. And this is why we are. Looking to see if something that is coming through from possibly the United States but has been signed off by about 209 countries worldwide called Gesara Nesara.

Now, there’s people who have been talking about that for two years now, and they say that the only thing blocking it is the Biden administration. So, we’ll see how long that lasts.

Yeah. I have my reservations about this Nesara Gesara, because I’ve never seen any evidence for it to actually exist. And I think it may be a psyop to put people like myself into a state of mind where, oh, let’s just wait for Nesara Gesara. I’m sorry. No, I’m not going to wait.  I’m taking action now. And if Nesara Gesara does happen, very good. But if it doesn’t, then we have to keep on fighting

You’re dead right. An old saying that the Americans had, said, trust God. In other words, if you put your trust in God, but if you need to use your tongue, make sure you got it in good working order.

The Bible says God helps those who help themselves.

But God help them that gets caught.

That’s what we’re working on, Peter.

Yeah. No, that’s right.

Look, let’s bring this back to this digital ID question. What can people do to stay out of the system and stop it? We need to stop it. It’s not just opt out. How do we stop it? At this stage, the federal court won’t let us file anything controversial because they’re actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state of Australia. And the Supreme Courts are wholly owned subsidiaries of the states of Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia, and wherever. But once someone refuses to do it, then they’re going to be prosecuted and they’ll have to have a jury trial, so they’ll get their day in court and with a jury trial, a jury will up not uphold the right of the Commonwealth to conscript people into that. Now, section 51, placetum 23A (xxiiiA) of the Constitution has a rider in brackets, (so as not to authorize any form of civil conscription).


This is a form of civil conscription. It is unconstitutional, and any competent person could argue that in front of a jury.

Of course, the problem here is finding us a competent person to argue it in court, but also since the courts are so corrupt we cannot expect to get justice there, then doesn’t it behoove us to form our own courts, our own common law courts?

Prior to 1873, there were two streams of justice. One of them was a common law court, which always sat with a jury, and there is ample evidence of this, but the other was the local church. Now the vicar or the pastor of a church had to do four years at university. And they were at least as well educated as any of our lawyers now, prior to 1873, they had equal power with a common law court.

And if there was a conflict between the common law and what the church court said the equity court prevailed. Now all of those laws are still in place, but judges dunno what equity is. They’re actually possessed of a pagan religion called ‘Law’, which a professor in the United States from Denver, Colorado University, wrote a piece saying the law is God by other means.

And this is the problem; we’ve got lawyers who are priests of the religion of the Law. And a lot of them are atheists: They don’t believe in God almighty at all. And they don’t believe in the spiritual Law and our constitution in its preamble, which starts with the people of Australia humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God.

Yeah. The actual words are, “WHEREAS the people”.

That’s it. Yep. “Whereas” is a word used to show it is an inalienable fact. And that declares us as the supreme authority in the law over the parliament, over the law.

Yes, that’s right. We decide not then.

Yeah. No, the common law actually stood above the Constitution, then the spiritual law the law or natural law, and God almighty stood above the common law, and the common law grew out of the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Old Testament. That’s where it came from, much to the disgust of the Pope in 1215. It’s the basis of the Magna Carta, and it stayed in English law until England went into the Common Market. That’s when they actually went really bad in England and unfortunately, they haven’t improved an awful lot, although Richie Sunak, apparently today I noticed, said, oh, the vaccine is terrible. It’s doing a lot of damage.

Wow. They’re finally starting to wake up.

They’re finally starting to wake up. We tried to get this considered by the federal court in Australia on 20 August 2020, when a professor of Medicine in Sydney said, I have a cure for Avid 19. I can cure it in four days. It’s Ivermectin, Chloroquine and as a Protocol, I’ve used it in Bangladesh and the United States. I haven’t had any cases in Australia to use it on, but it cures it in four days. Now our idiots, and that’s what I’d call them, idiots and probably doctors who’ve had their palms crossed with silver by the big pharma.


It railroaded us into lockdown, gabs, and. The last time I saw there were over 80,000 Australians who have been jabbed and died.

Jabed, jabbed, some died, and the Commonwealth has been paying their funeral expenses. So that’s an admission of guilt. It’s a disgrace. An absolute disgrace. And biggest disgrace is the federal court of Australia would not entertain the judicial review of.

You and I are working on that, but oh yeah, karma works Peter. My doctor, for example, was trying to push the jab on me. He was fully jabbed, he had all the boosters and everything. And a few months ago he went swimming, had a heart attack, and dropped dead. Now this man wasn’t even 50 years old.

Yeah no. It’s getting the doctors. Because if you’re stupid then you’re no better than bloody donkey.

Yeah, all right Peter, I think we better finish off there but thank you very much for sharing your wealth of knowledge again, and I look forward to seeing you again, mate. Cheers.

Yeah, no, thanks very much for the opportunity. It’s always a pleasure to talk to you Mr. Holt.

Thank you. Bye now.