Businesses who decide to exclude people due to their medical status have chosen a very dangerous path. They could end up in court where there is every reason to believe they will lose. The punishments for breaking the law are severe.

Step One: Issue a Warning
Write a text or email to, or visit the business owner or manager to complain about the treatment you have received. State only the events that happened.

Step Two: Issue a 2nd Warning

If they continue to refuse you entry or service, or insist that they must follow the government’s mandate, then send them a second warning. Point out the laws they are breaking again, warn them that the penalties for breaking the law are serious, and ask them to stop breaking the law. Tell them you expect them to open their premises to all without any demands to ask about anyone’s private medical status.
Step Three: Issue a Final Warning

If that doesn’t stop them, then you should fill out the Complaint Summons below and get it signed and sealed. A JP or a Court Registrar can sign in Queensland and South Australia. In all other states and Territories the Complaint Summons must be signed by a court registrar.
Read how to do it, and download the forms you need here:

What is Common Law and how can it work for you?

Put simply, Common Law, or the Law of the Land, has been used to govern and keep the peace in communities ever since mankind gathered together for their mutual protection. It is the body of law decided on by a community to govern themselves and to ensure all people can gain a remedy for any wrong done against them. More Information or watch the video here:

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Common law in Australia is vested in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 – It is the highest law of the land. This website provides information, explains procedures, and makes available documents for anyone wishing to learn about and use Common Law.

The Founding Fathers authorized three legal systems in the Constitution, first Common Law, secondly Equity Law, and thirdly Admiralty Law, which is the law of the sea. Gradually Common Law has been displaced by Equity Law until today the Common Law is rarely heard of or understood because it has been covered up and hidden away by the legal profession for very understandable business reasons. Such people are pursuing their own private agenda. In fact the Common Law is generally looked upon as obscene by those who would assume power over us, because once confronted with Common Law they lose their assumed authority.

Note: Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901 is our supreme common law. We refer to the Oxford Law dictionary, not Black’s Law Dictionary, as it refers to US Law. We operate our Common Law under The Crimes Act 1914, S.24F, 13 & 15F.


We, the People of the Commonwealth of Australia, are peacefully and actively initiating Lawful Remedy for any harm to any man, woman, or child as a result of the Constitutional crisis currently afflicting our once-healthy, once-wealthy, once-proud nation.
We are working to convene Common Law Assemblies around the nation, and then to convene Congresses to decide on the political future of our nation, to elect true representatives of the People, to end the foreign occupation, and to assert the sovereign will of the people over our Parliament as servants of the people.
We are united in our desire to fundamentally change our nation to create a better future for all.
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Our information portal:

How do you stand in Common Law?

The first step is to register your Live Birth: Click here to Record your Live Birth. (There is no charge for recording your information.)

Once you register your birth you have taken the first step to regaining your freedom from the political party corporate government system. For more information on how the political parties have defrauded and betrayed us, click here


We provide educational materials, videos, and courses to help people learn and comprehend how common law works.


We provide the tools you need to help you start common law assemblies, download documents, and record membership.


We provide assembly meetings to empower people to regain their rights, and take responsibility for their lives

Plan for the Future


Each Common Law Assembly is tasked to educate people about common law and how to implement it in our daily lives. They elect an Education committee to provide training and tools, and provide qualified people for positions in their local and national teams.


Assemblies will create and run their own common law Sheriff and Court departments using the tools supplied by this website. Sheriffs are trained to Protect their community, and to carry out the decisions of the common law courts, including arresting convicted criminals.


Each Assembly elects an Administrative team, and in the near future, representatives to attend national Congresses to discuss and decide the future of our country, and to hold elections to a Parliament of the people, by the people, for the people. No more political parties!

Read the 5-Step Plan to Restore our Nation

  1. Amend the Constitution S.128 to give all voters the right to Binding Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR), as is our right!
  2. Create a secure online voting system based on the blockchain, so that voters can vote anywhere, any time, giving us a more flexible and stronger democracy.
  3. Reform the electoral system through a series of carefully considered constitutional referendum to reduce the size of electorates, create new Regional governments instead of State governments, thereby making representatives directly accountable to the voters. This will slim down the number of representatives as well, eliminate Big Bang elections, and allow us to decide on important questions affecting the nation and our communities immediately a decision is required.
  4. Reform the taxation system to bring in a single corporate bank transaction tax. Imagine no more GST, payroll, business, income, and all the other taxes…just a single tax only on companies! At the same time we will reform our banking and financial system to benefit we the people, not the faceless international banksters currently destroying our nation with their puppets the political parties.
  5. Implement Service to the Nation. If our country gives us so much, it’s only fair that we give something back. Those eligible to serve will be able to volunteer to choose Civil or Military Service. All equipment supplied to these services must be manufactured in Australia within a time limit determined by the availability of trained people and materials. Imagine what that will do to grow our economy!
What to do next… A plan for the futureThe People will decide how we want to be governedIt’s our country, our government, our decision
Click on the link or the image above to visit the Advance Australia website. Read the 5-Point Plan and then email us if you have any suggestions to improve it.After electing a People’s Parliament, the People will vote in a carefully considered series of Referendums on each point in the 5-Point Plan, and on any other referendums the People decide on.It is the responsibility of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to decide our future… the Political parties have failed us.

Can we count on you?

Please Donate to support your
National Common Law Organization
Organizing and running a Common Law system takes many man-hours and a lot of hard work, with fixed costs to be paid.
Please be generous. All money donated will be used to promote and manage the Common Law initiative for everyone.

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