[#16] - live birth

Angela Angela - [#16] 22 hours ago.
I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I haven't as yet received my live birth certificate. I have read just now that it is automated. Sorry to be a pain.

I have created an account, I have filled in my profile and saved it, but nothing has come through yet.

Should my user name be the email address?
Regards and thanks Angela (user name Me-Am tiara)
Dean Ellis Dean Ellis - [#2] 12 hours ago.
Pleae go to the site below and complete the form as instructed. Its imperative that you follow the instruction to the letter so that we cam properly match your old records to you new account.


Kind regardfs
Angela Angela - [#10] 23 minutes ago.
The penny has dropped! Thanks for the help, for some reason I wasn't connecting the 2 websites. Thanks Dean