A Simple Explanation about government TREASON

Whenever you meet someone who is unaware of how the political parties have betrayed our trust in them to govern us responsibly, this simple explanation serves as a guide for you to answer their questions. (Watch the video at the end of this article)

Although this list shows only four steps, the politicians on both sides of the political divide have actually been working behind the scenes for decades to change a multitude of lawful Acts. In fact, ever since 1960 they have become bolder, and introduced many measures to deprive us of our lawful common law that is based in our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. One of the ways they have done this by enacting the Reprints Act, and then changing laws without consulting We the People to suit themselves to increase their power over our lives.  
Each major step they have taken is explained, but you should practice speaking the list out loud and work to simplify it into your own words so that you can tell each person you as quickly and simply as possible how we have been betrayed. You should be able to tell this story in no more than one or two minutes.

  1. 1960 – Political party controlled parliament took control of the Governor General (GG) by putting the fake Great Seal of Australia (at right) on the Queen’s GG appointment letter. Since then, all GG’s have been under the control of, and paid by, the political party corporate government.
  2. 1966– Political party controlled parliament borrowed millions of US Dollars from the international bankers. As part of the deal the politicians committed the People of the Commonwealth of Australia to:
    • change our currency from Pounds, Shillings and Pence (as required in the Constitution) to US-backed Dollars ($) with no head of power (the Queen)
    • unlawfully conscript our young men to go to war in Vietnam to fight against a people Australia had no quarrel with
  3. 1973 – E.G. Whitlam, a Fabian Communist, took control of the government as Prime Minister before vote counting was finished, set up a duumvirate (2 person) government, and proceeded to take the Queen out of our Constitution by amending the Royal Style and Titles Act (1953). The new Act is named and dated Royal Style and Titles Act (1973). He also made 2 copies of the Constitution, took out the Preamble that establishes the people as the supreme authority with the words “WHEREAS the people”, and registered his constitutions to a private corporation registered in the USA. At the same time, he created a “Queen of Australia”, a name on that corporate registration. The queen of Australia is not a living woman, owns no land, has no power. By the time Whitlam was finished he had completely destroyed our Westminster system of government and brought in a Communist (Socialist) style of government instead that now dictates every aspect of our lives. We can get no justice in their courts, as a result.
  4. 1986 – Bob Hawke, another (Fabian) Communist agent, enacted the Australia Act to separate Australia completely from the British Crown. He even got HM Queen Elizabeth the Second of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland to come to Australia to sign the Act. But she refused until he held a referendum of the people. Instead, she signed “Elizabeth R” (the ‘R’ means Regina = Queen). Bob Hawke ignored her command. Instead, he printed his name at the end of the document with the words BOB HAWKE, not his legal name.

These four events have resulted in the political parties taking complete control over our government and our lives. You can read the full story and watch a video explaining this in more detail here:
Political Party Destruction

When you finish telling people these four facts they will no doubt be shocked and want to know how they can fix it.

Ask them to go to the Political Party Destruction and How do we Fix it? pages on the Common Law website, watch the videos, and then follow the links to join a common law assembly.

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