Website Brand and Usage Guidelines

Ever since we opened the website we have been building a brand image. As more people join in the Common Law Movement we need guidelines to help us maintain our recognizable brand.

The following suggestions will guide users of this website, conveners, Sheriffs and others how to promote and use the website effectively to maintain and build our brand:

  1. Branding: The logo may be used on any material promoting Common Law. It may not be used over personal documents, and/or social media posts that do not promote our common law objectives, including but not limited to like-minded organizations. Where a template letter supplied on the website has the logo, leave it on the document and amend the letter as needed to suit your situation.
  2. News and Updates: The new website design includes a built-in Newsletter, giving you almost unlimited subscribers. It's very powerful and is a much better alternative than Mailchimp. There is a training video on how to use it available to all Conveners on the Dashboard page after logging in.
  3. Oath of Office: Sheriffs, elected Administrators, court members, and other office holders, should all record their Live Birth, and then sign the Charter to Establish and Maintain a Common Law Assembly. Once they have done that, they are all required to sign the Oath of Office available here:
  4. Website Updates: Conveners and contributors to the website can log in and upload, edit or delete articles, updates, and other information whenever they want. Training videos are available on the Dashboard after logging in.
  5. Sheriffs: All Sheriffs must complete the online training course, and where an assembly has a qualified self-defence instructor, Sheriffs should learn how to defend themselves and maintain the peace. Sheriff Training Courses are available through the website, supplied by our Education partner, Peak Dawn. We recommend assembly conveners buy a training course and then teach it to assembly members.
  6. Activities: Before assembly members interact with the public, we recommend that they liaise with the assembly convener and members to ensure the message is consistent with common law principles. 
  7. Marquee Branding: We supply the artwork and a link to the marquee manufacturer’s website in the Downloads Docs page. The marquee design may not be changed. However, assemblies may change the design of the back wall of the marquee to include their assembly name, or other slogan if desired. The back wall must remain red, and the logo must be included. We also recommend keeping the stars, but this is up to each assembly.

Each assembly can buy a Common Law marquee for outside events.

Download the artwork for your marquee. Set up the marquee at any public event with 2 or even 3 tables and us it to:

  • to educate people who come to ask questions
  • to sign up people wishing to join your assembly

When ordering, we recommend this model. Click on the link to order from the company that manufactured the Sunshine Coast marquee:

When ordering mention that Sunshine Coast Assembly is already a customer. As we are going to be ordering a lot of marquees from them, ask them for a discount. has the artwork for the marquee. 

Download a copy of the logo here: (Right click on the image and select "Save image as...")

Logos are 1500x997 px each.