Sheriff Qualifications, Skills and Accountability

Every Common Law Sheriff is expected to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and competent, and able to fulfill the duties of his or her office. Accredited sheriffs must pass an annual physical and psychological inspection conducted by qualified specialists and receive renewed accreditation on that basis. Sheriffs will be trained in the use of firearms and physical self-defence. Convicted felons, those hostile to the Commonwealth, or questionable individuals will not be accredited as Sheriffs or Deputies.

RSO Deputy R. Ramirez counts as recruit Todd Dougherty does push ups in the agility training. Sheriff’s Department recruits take part in a job fair at the Ben Clark training center in Riverside on Saturday, Jan. 17,2015.

The competence and training of all Sheriffs and Deputies will be overseen and directed by trained specialists under the authority of the local Sovereign Assembly. Every Sheriff and Deputy is accountable to the Assembly for their conduct and as elected officers can be democratically recalled at any time.

The practical skills of a Common Law Sheriff require that he or she be able to operate in any condition of danger with calm resolve, discipline and courage. Sheriffs must be competent in psychology, group dynamics and interpersonal conflict resolution. Perceptiveness, a strong memory and capacity for details, and the ability to act quickly and decisively on incomplete information in any situation is mandatory. Officers must be physically robust, healthy and self-reliant, with no history of mental or emotional incapacity, and no association with criminal or tyrannical forces.

Upon their final accreditation, all Sheriffs and their Deputies will need to buy their equipment until such time that the national Common Law Administration team has been elected and funds are raised from donations and other sources. Equipment includes badges and weapons, as well as uniforms and official photo identification signifying a Sheriff’s status as a bonded Officer of the local Sovereign Assembly and the Commonwealth of Australia.

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