Townsville Common Law Assembly


Date: First Saturday of Each Month

Time: 5- 7pm

Location: St Johns Church, 83 macrossan Street South Townsville.

Contact Convener: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Townsville Common law Assembly is an active group of indiviuals who are concerned about how our Federal, State, and Local representatives are conducting themselves with respect to how they may be representing us and a people and community in Townsville. While we are aware of whats happening Internationally, Nationally and Statewide, we are focussed primarily on our local community. We believe that we cannot fix the nation or the state, but we most certainly can do something about working on our local representatives. In short we "Think globally and act locally".

We have a number of activities and outlets that you can come along to and / or get involved with. Check below for these details...

My Place - Townsville

My place Townsville is a social media movement  that is moving rapidly across our nation. Its aim to to build local communitie and inform the people of the situation across all levels of Government and to unit these communities in one voice.

You can click on the image to link to the facebook page 

Awakened Youth 17-25

An Initiative to get our Younger Community involved. Click  the image


Townsville Sunday Produce Swap and Share

Townsville Sunday Produce Swap and share is an initiative of our Action group. Its aim is to bring community together and support anyone in need. We know that the plans of our government are making things increasingly difficult, this initiative aims to help those that really need it and create a market system using a bartering method rather than fiat currency.


Telegram Channels

We use a number of Telegram Channels that provide Information on current affairs and when events are being held. These are probably the most active social media channels we have or use.

Action Group Meetings

Currently our Action group meetings are held Weekly and discuss what actions will be taken. There are a wide variety of actions and events that our group conduct in Townsville under the Guidance of our amazing leadership. Check the telegram pages for the time a locations of each meeting.