Common Law Assembly Mission Statement and Goals


To Educate, Protect and Empower the community in their freedoms, cultural and inalienable rights


  1. Always Promote an open community for Trade, Business and Banking
  2. Encourage and Support all Small Businesses within our community
  3. Educate the Community on their individual rights and freedoms
  4. Provide Care and Compassion for the victims of psyops, the mentally ill and vaccinated
  5. Protect all Children and the Venerable
  6. Promote and support the family Unit in our community
  7. Protect all private property rights
  8. Promote alternative Health care
  9. Ensure all AI technology works in harmony with all Living Men and Women
  10. Create ethical and moral parallel Structures for all the community to prosper
  11. Convene Common Law Congresses composed of representatives of all Assemblies to reform the electoral system, and prepare for national, regional, and local elections.
  12. Decentralise and take full control of all community-based services into the Assembly:
    • Provide protection through Common Law Sheriffs
    • Provide support and protection for all through Health Care, Common Law Court Systems, Education, Aged care, Veterans care, and Disability care.


Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito. 

(Do not give in to evil but proceed ever more boldly against it)