How far along is Australia's Digital ID Agenda?

An opinion article by Dean Ellis 2 Jan 23

Many of us are aware now that the Australian 'Government' is pushing feverishly hard to establish a digital ID for all Australians. There have been lots of social media posts discussing this push, as we see what the Chinese government, the CCP has established and completely subjugated its people. 

Despite many Australians discussing Chinas  subjugation and social credit system , They see it a a distant issue the doesn't really affect them. They still believe this government is "their government" and do not think that would ever happen to us, completely oblivious to the fact that it is already well underway to being implemented. I've been guilty of this thought pattern myself, as I'm sure many of you have been too.

The irony here is that the entire world is pushing just as hard for digital ID as they try to establish a One World government through the World Economic Forum and  the UN. That in itself should be ringing alarm bells for everyone. But even now many people are just "peering over the fence" and claiming "it's not my problem" while scrolling through their mobile devices looking for funny cat videos.

After searching through the (ironically) digital space that is the internet, I am alarmed at the rate at which Australia has already pushed digital IDs into our Nation. This is not one political party's agenda over another either. This is a bilateral agenda that has been taken up by both major parties that has been pushed through their government systems over more than five decades. 

Why have we not heard of this? How do false flags work?

False flags are events created by either governments or Global elitists to achieve and outcome to further their agendas. many people simple do not believe in false flags, calling them crazy conspiracy theories claim by whack jobs wearing tin foil hats. But when you learn to be objective in your  analysis   of the vent and ask some hard questions rather than just listen to Main stream media, its becomes pretty clear that many false flags just don't measure up to the narrative pushed my the media.

World governments have been playing the false flag game for hundreds of years. The biggest one probably being 9/11 in New York with the destruction of the twin towers, and strangely, Tower 7. There is no need to discuss this false flag. That's already been done by plenty of others. But we need to recognize that many false flags have been created around the world to further the NWO agenda; specifically designed to hide the real aim from the people. The idea behind a false flag event is to create shock and fear and then provide a solution to ease the minds of the masses. For example, 9/11 shocked the world and established fear in the minds of many. The result was to declare "War on Terror" which allowed the US government to impose the Terrorist Act that allows their authorities to hold and detain anyone under that act for up to 30 days without charge and in some cases  indefinitely . By holding some one for that long, these governments then have time to build up evidence against you without your knowledge. A case in point here is the US 2020 Election when the Democrats called the protest at the capitol an Insurrection. They very soon after labelled the people that went to the protest as "Domestic Terrorists" which then brought them under, yep the terrorist act. There are still some in jail from that right being held without charge today.

Another example, closer to home is the Port Author massacre. This shocked the Nation, and if you remember that far back all of the media outlets drew parallels to the mass shootings in the US. This brought a lot of shame to the minds of the people and interestingly enough the government came in with the solution....a Gun amnesty to remove guns from  the majority of the nation, and then establish incredibly tight gun controls. So now the Authorities know just where your guns are. This incidentally, did nothing to stop criminals sourcing and using guns to perpetrate their crimes, particularly with outlaw motorcycle gangs, and the Islamic criminal gangs around western Sydney, and the African criminal gangs in Victoria. So in effect the main population was under more danger than before.

What is a Digital ID?


So why have you not heard about this digital ID? Well, because this will be  the "solution" to a false flag. That false flag, I believe, will be the collapse of our fiat currency. A fiat currency is a currency, normally owned by the central banking system. Many people still believe that the Australian dollar belongs to Australia, However the Bank that is authorised to print this currency is the Reserve Bank of Australia. This is a World Central Bank.  There have been a number of Articles and reports by our central banks stating that our currency is collapsing and many warnings by Banking CEOs, but they are not  concerned   because  in almost every one of these articles, they can "just print more money".   I'll add some of these to the list of references you can read below. 

So the only time the media will be cut loose to let the people know about a digital ID system and is when everything is in place to implement, and that will only happen when the Australian people are already in the midst of a financial depression that will be much worse than the Great Depression of the 1930's. When that happens the government will release the media to sell  the solution that the government has in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the digital ID and they will tell us all that is "To Protect the Australian People".

For your Safety

The term "For your Safety" is a catch phrase of every Socialist dictatorship in the world that has gained power. Even Adolf Hitler used the term in order to divide the Jews from the German population; and he used the media to do it. Goebbels, his chief propaganda Minister, was a master at manipulating public opinion.

The use of the media by government is not a new thing. We heard this phrase constantly over the last couple of years when the COVID plandemic came into being; usually when the government wanted to implement  another  mandate. They always rolled out the "medical professionals' who used key words and phrases to convince the people "it was for our own good", or "our own safety", or "for the safety of (a certain group of people)". As a result, the people who watch TV and believe  everything  the government tells them, were so brainwashed that they complied without question.

These days, when I hear a government official state that "its for your safety" or something similar, they are really trying to remove yet more of our freedoms and establish even more control over you.

So how Far along are they?

Steady roll out

Well, I would suggest they are about ready to implement it all. While Im not willing to set dates, that would just be presumptuous of me . Successive governments have been rolling out parts of this system for decades. This government system has a website selling people on the idea of Digital IDs (link below in the references). Sure enough they use all of the key words, "safe", "secure", "convenient" and "easy to access government services". This is not a new concept of sell you government control measures. When the Medicare card was rolled out, it was done exactly the same way. As a result, everyone has one, and you can't see a doctor without one. Hey presto! Control.

State government roll out

But the dirty little secret here is that Digital ID is being implemented bit by bit by State governments. Two that come to mind are the Directors Digital ID, and many online banking apps now have a digital ID button they want you to press to get a digital ID so that you can continue to operate your bank account. Most banks will only allow a limit of $2000 withdrawal from your account when you go into the branches.

My son recently finished school and received a letter from the State government offering free apprenticeships in the trade of your choice. The only problem is that when you apply for it, you must sign up with a Digital ID. Beware Governments bearing gifts.

How does a Digital ID work?

In WA, people are not allowed into nightclubs without a digital ID or a Digital "passport" as they are calling it. 

Queensland State government are rolling out new drivers  licenses  with digital chips in them based on some obscure trial that was conducted in Townsville on 1,000 people; hardly worth the effort considering Townsville has a population of 200,000 odd.  The fact is, the government does not care what people think about it. They want it and in their minds you have no choice but to take it.

In the pipeline

It's not too late...yet. There are still many things that this government need to achieve to complete control through Digital ID, but they are working as hard and as fast as they can to impose a Social Credit System on us.  Currently, the Labor Party is pushing us to accept the idea that everything electric is "for our own good", or to "save the environment". The aim is to get rid of coal or oil so that we are all living in a Utopian "renewable energy, clean, green society". 

The they are ignoring the reality that Electric vehicles have nowhere near the range of fuel powered vehicles. But with an electric car they can control how far you can travel, and if you attempt to go beyond their limits they can simply turn off your car at the central control. Government will be able to stop you using your vehicle if they don't like what you have said on social media. When you consider that we need long haul, fuel-driven trucks to keep the Nation going, EV technology will absolutely cripple our economy. I have asked many times, on social media outlets straight questions about the viability of EVs, and yet no-one could answer me. Rather they just call me a "denier", a title I wear with pride.

A Digital ID to control your behaviour online and in your own family?

In April 2021, the Morrison Government created a document titled "Inquiry into family, domestic and sexual violence". This is a massive document that has inputs from myriads of different organizations. One recommendation that stood out was the concept of making a compulsory 100 points of ID to access the internet, particularly on Social media. This removes any anonymity and all information that you post and is monitored by police for any "seriously harmful content". This was disguised under the protection of children and women against violence. the old "for your safety" sobriquet again. But nowhere did the government establish exactly what "Seriously Harmful Content" is. It's certainly an area that can easily be expanded by the government. But more importantly, its a measure of surveillance of every individual via electronic means, so they no longer need warrants for wire taps. You privacy will simply be removed.

So far, it hasn't been implemented.... yet. But as I stated before you can expect a false flag event to occur very soon where the story goes that a child is killed because a predator found the child on social media, or a woman was brutally raped and murdered. You can expect some horrific story that the media will run out of control with in order for the government to step in with this plan.

A Digital ID and your money

As I  alluded  to earlier, ours is a fiat currency  and the World Economic Forum along with the central banking system is working feverishly to collapse all of the fiat currencies around the world. Fiat Currency is not backed by anything tangible. You may have heard in recent news that Many of the BRICS nations are returning to a gold-backed currency. Fiat-based currency nations have been printing currency at an abnormal rate over the past few years. The US has printed approximately three times the amount of currency ever printed before in their history. By printing ever increasing amounts of money into an economy, the dollar weakens and the price of everything rises. This is stealing money from your pockets, and weakening our economy so much it will not take much to collapse it. We are, in effect, in almost the same situation as the Germans were during the  Weimar  Republic when you needed a wheelbarrow of cash just to buy a loaf of bread.

Eventually there will be a tipping point where the currency will collapse completely. It will be at that time where the government will "Step in" and state they have been "Working diligently" using any and all those lovely key words I mentioned before to bolster their own benevolence, to announce they are ready to provide you with the CBDC.

 However, you won't be able to access this CBDC guessed it.... unless you have a digital ID. CBDCs is yet another branch in this story that we'll cover later.

This kind of reminds me about a certain bible verse where your won't be able to buy or sell anything without the mark of the beast. It's a loose comparison, but we really don't know what digital ID or Digital currency might bring about in the not-too-distant future. It would not surprise me if a false flag came about to warrant a mark on your right hand. Or the government will start pushing everyone to get injected or tattooed with a digital ID. So, while you may not have heard much about Digital ID's, you can be assured that our government has been implementing this system for decades, and they are nearing the end of the plan. 

This is not to say that I do have hope. I do believe there is action being taken by people to combat all of this who are well aware of the government's evil plans. Our job in this battle is to raise awareness and let as many people know as possible to exactly what is going on.

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